The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling Suren Walkthrough

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  • TouyaSuren, and Nohl’s routes are the main routes of the game, while NaranRuziCefEsta, and Jigi are branch routes of those 3 main routes.
    • Play order doesn’t really matter, but since Naran’s route is a Branch of Suren’s, playing Naran right after is more streamlined.
  • Suren’s route has five endings (1 Best End & 4 Bad Ends).
  • After completing Touya’s route (all endings) and Suren’s route (all endings) the Special Story will Unlock from the main menu. Select Special > Special Story to view. This story unlocks an additional Suren CG
  • To unlock final Suren CG: After completing all ends, from the main menu select Special, then Epilogue. Select Suren to view short Epilogue and unlock final CG.
  • Novel stories Beautiful Beast and What Will You Do? unlock when completing endings.
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