My GF’s Love Language is Burying Me Alive – Stop Burying Me Alive, Beautiful Playthrough

Spooky season is still in full swing, so I’ve been playing some creepy games over on Twitch and boy did I find a good one. From brain eating parasites that wanna wife you up and now your beautiful girlfriend is burying you alive… it’s been an interesting time all around.

Stop Burying Me Alive, Beautiful is a psychological horror/comedy developed by Angela He, Robobarbie, Destinii Islands, and Allie Vera in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 54 on the theme “Limited Space”. It’s kind of all on the tin with this one—your hot girlfriend is burying you a live. You can either convince her that you’re not dead and hope she lets you out or you can chill with the equally cute girl living underground… just watch out for the rats.

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