Jack Jeanne Soshiro Yonaga Walkthrough

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Click to reveal Overall Notes and Tips
  • Jack Jeanne is a stats raising game, each love interest has one main stat: Suzu – Spirit, Soshiro – Insight, Shirota – Voice, Kai – Charm, Sarafumi – Agility, and Neji – Drama.
    • You can set a specific stat for any given week by pressing the R button before selecting.
    • Keep an eye on your Health. If it reaches zero and you attempt to run a stat, it can fail.
  • There are two types of Rhythm Actions: Song and Dance. These are mandatory during the performances.
    • The difficulty level you select has no effect on your ranking during performances, so pick the level that’s most comfortable for you.
    • Your rank on the Rhythm Actions will however effect your Class Award rank and Individual Awards.
    • While performance Rhythm Actions are mandatory during performances, you can skip the practices by pushing the + button then selecting End. There is no consequence for skipping the practices.
  • This route is not locked at the start, and there is no special play order. So have fun and choose whichever characters you want!

Soshiro Specific Notes

  • Soshiro’s route is split into 6 sections (Newcomer Performance, Summer Performance, Summer Break, Fall Performance, Winter Performance, and the Univeil Performance. With a total of three endings (Good, Best, and Normal).
  • To achieve the best end you must raise Insight to level 30. The best ending My and Soshiro’s Future and Beyond will start after the credits (it also serves as the 7th Affection Event)
    • If you DO NOT meet the stats requirement, Soshiro’s Good End, Me and Soshiro will unlock instead.
    • You can still get Soshiro’s Best End even if you get Silver in the Individual Award in the final performance, so don’t panic.
  • Soshiro’s Normal End will unlock if you get 2nd Place or lower in the Class Awards for the final Univeil Performance.

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