Paradigm Paradox Ryo Tomitsuka Walkthrough

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Story Breakdown & Recommended Order (Click to reveal)
  • Routes in Paradigm Paradox are divided between Justice and Villainous Justice that correspond to the parameters Hero and Villain in the common route.
    • Depending on your choices in the Justice Common path the story will branch off into one of the 4 individual routes: Tokio Takato, Kamui Saibara, Mihaya Araki, or Ayumu Mamiya.
    • Depending on your choices in the Villainous Justice Common path the story will branch off into one of the 4 individual routes: Ibuki, Hyuga, Yukinami, or Ryo Tomitsuka.
  • Each of the individual routes have 3 main endings: Happy, Bad, and Normal with 2 additional game over bad endings (these can be skipped if you don’t wanna 😭)
  • At the start all of the Justice (Hero) Individual routes, Hyuga and Yukinami’s routes are open, while Ibuki and Ryo‘s routes are locked.
    • Ibuki’s route unlocks when you finish 2 routes in the game.
    • Ryo’s route unlocks after you finish Ibuki’s route.
  • The Grand Finale unlocks when you finish Ryo’s route.
  • Aside from the route restrictions listed above, you can play the routes in any order. But for the best story progression I recommend: Mihaya → Kamui → Ayumu → Tokio→ Hyuga → Yukinami → Ibuki → Ryo → Finale
  • Ryo unlocks after completing Ibuki’s route in the game.
  • This route is available only through the Villainous Justice path.
  • Completing Ryo’s Happy and Bad Ends will unlock special POV stories you can view in REPORTS.
  • Ryo’s final CG unlocks after viewing his VOID: Ryo Tomitsuka Investigation Report.
  • I included the Villainous Justice Common route endings at the end of this guide if you’re looking to 100% the game.
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