Winter’s Wish Spirits of Edo Ohtaro Walkthrough

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Route Notes

  • Ohtaro’s path is accessible by choosing Entertainment District as your assigned area, but route is locked at the start of the game.
  • To unlock his route you have to finish Tomonari’s Affection end.
    • If you have not completed Tomonari’s Affection end upon starting Ohtaro’s route, the game will automatically end midway through Chapter 4.
  • This route has four endings (Affection End, Sorrow End, and 2 Bad End). The Affection and Sorrow ends have finale CGs, while the Bad end is a game over end.
  • After completing any Affection end, Extras will unlock from the Exhibits menu. There you can view character bios and voiced lines. There is also an additional image that does not appear in the gallery.
    • You can view this image by clicking the book in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Affection choices raise the affection of that route’s love interest, these are color coded to match the guys’ accent color.
  • Falling Snow choices are plot relevant decisions that guide the course of the story. These are depicted as light blue falling snow accents.

Recommended Play Order: Genjuro → Yoichi → Kinji → Kunitaka → Tomonari → Ohtaro

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