A Year in Games: My Favorite Games of 2016

First, I’m baaaaack! Well, sort of… this is one of the two year end posts I told you all I’d be writing, I’m just posting it a day early since I’ll be on a plane back to DC on the 30th…

A little while ago, my dear friend Leafy asked me if I planned on doing a top games list for 2016 and at the time I gave her what I thought was a pretty solid, Nah… I’m terrible with lists and schedules so I go out of my way to avoid them when I can. But, as we got closer to the end of the year I found myself thinking about all the games I’d played throughout the year; the good, the bad, and the meh titles and before I knew it this post kind of wrote itself! So here I am, a few days before the start of a new year running through my favorite games of 2016…

Now, I will say this in advanced, not all of these games were released in 2016, most were, but there are a few titles that were released prior to this year… Also, I am not including the Voltage games I played (save Liar), because I plan on doing a separate list for that. Finally, before ya’ll start grabbing your torches and pitchforks because your favorite game isn’t on the list, or you don’t agree with my picks, remember this is my list, if you have suggestions feel free to tell me about them in the comments section (I am always open to game suggestions)! *claps hands* Let’s get this show on the road!!

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My Horse Prince | First Impressions Review: The Man of My Dreams is a Horse

The internet is home to some truly bizarre stuff, so when I saw images of handsome man’s head superimposed on a horse’s body, I laughed along with the rest of you all and didn’t really think much of it… In fact, I think I assumed it was some ridiculous fan-made creation. So, when I found out that not only was this not a hoax, but a very real otome game called Uma no Prince-sama (renamed My Horse Prince for the English localization), I didn’t know how to feel.

I’m no stranger to strange animal dating games, they’re everywhere, from free mobile apps like Animal Boyfriend to commercial otoge like  Hatoful Boyfriend and Dandelion~ Wishes Brought to You, there are no shortage of human/animal titles on the market. Hell, I quite enjoyed Hatoful Boyfriend, so I figured the leap from pigeons to horses shouldn’t have been such a big deal… right?!

Game Details

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