Slow Damage Madarame Walkthrough

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  • Taku and Rei‘s routes are available from the start of the game.
    • Madarame‘s route should be cleared AFTER finishing the first two routes.
    • Fujieda‘s route unlocks after you clear Madarame’s route.
  • Each route has a Euphoria end and a Madness end, along with a few early Game Over ends.
  • Slow Damage doesn’t follow the usual visual novel gameplay. Gameplay is split between Exploration and Interrogation modes.
    • In Exploration, you can visit various locations and interact with other characters to collect key phrases that will be used during Interrogations.
    • In Interrogation, you can confront a character and get them to reveal their true desires by presenting the key phrases you collect during Exploration.
    • In lieu of traditional visual novel choices, you will react to situations by choosing Positive or Negative. These choices will shift the story towards either Euphoria or Madness.
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