Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – August 2021

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s the end of yet another month, so it’s time for the Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap! Is it just me or did August just kind of breeze by?! This month is kind of a blur… We’re getting closer to our annual meeting at my job, so work has been kind of hectic, but, streaming has become a great way to destress after hours. Though Twitch’s lax attitude towards bot raids and hate raids has me pissed off #TwitchDBetter. But, I’ve been lucky to have met so many amazing streamers who are super chill and super supportive, like Lauren aka BlackBelleFlower. And this weekend we’ll be doing a special collab stream over on Twitch; we’ll be playing Monster Prom! 

Collab BlkBellflower

Here on the blog home front I did something I said I’d never do and created a walkthrough for a game! It was a lot of extra work, but there’s something kinda fun about doing them. I did a much deeper dive into the game than I normally would have and I think I might make this a regular thing… maybe… 

This month was also a great month for otome fans, with Aksys hitting us with not one, but four new otome game localization announcements during their All Aksys Event! We are getting fed in 2021 and I am here for it! There’s a lot more on the horizon in September, but before we dive into the new month, let’s take a look back at the month of August here at Blerdy Otome!

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