Virche Evermore: Error Salvation Adolphe Walkthrough

Route Notes

  • Adolphe’s route is locked at the start of the game, to access it you must complete the Yves’s Despair II End.
    • To Start: From the Title screen, select Start > Act III – Le Salute
  • After completing the Salvation end the Act 2 Salvation end for Yves, Lucas, Mathis, and Scien.

Route Restrictions/Play Order

  • Mathis, Lucas, and Scien’s routes are playable from the start, with Yves unlocking after completing the other three’s Despair II ends.
  • You can play Mathis, Lucas, and Scien in any order you want and I highly recommend doing your first playthrough blind (it’s more fun that way).
  • The below recommendation is specifically for Adolphe and Ankou’s routes only:
Recommended Play Order (Spoilers, click at your own risk)

Ankou and Adolphe share the same route, so it really doesn’t matter who you play first of the two.

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