NIGHT/SHADE You’re the Drug

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Why would a person take someone’s life? To protect? For Love? When you are backed into a corner and have no way out, what will you do then?

Sobena, 2040, the cultural fusion city of neon lights and echoes of discreet underground clubs. Sasha, a 27 year old drug dealer, has found himself in an aimless cycle of indulgences that he has no intention of addressing. He has become comfortable with his place in this city, unaware of the shifting ground beneath his feet.

When he and his best friend, Mishka, are abruptly caught in the middle of a power struggle between two crime syndicates, Sasha is forced to confront himself and his feelings in order to save those most important to him. The two of the must overcome their immense aversion to change or risk losing everything.

Developer: Thrill Switch Games

ESRB Rating: Mature

Genre: Boys Love | Cyberpunk

Languages: English

Release Date: Mar 11, 2017 (EN)

Price: $29.99

Length: 10 – 15 hours

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