Nameless the One Thing You Must Recall

Official Website: English

Where to Buy: Steam

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“Eri”(The name is replacable) is a high school student and everything about her seems ordinary except she has a special hobby.

Eri is into collecting ball-jointed dolls made from the doll company, Crobidoll. Although she treats her dolls like her real family, she cannot talk about them to even her “normal” best friends.

With her parents living overseas, she was left all alone after her grandpa’s death. She started to rely on her dolls to escape from her loneliness. Then, one day, she had a dream about feathers coming out of her diary and when she woke up, she heard strange sounds coming from her kitchen…

Developer: Cheritz

ESRB Rating: Mature (M)

Genre: Fantasy

Languages: English | Korean

Publisher: Cheritz

Release Date: Nov 11, 2013 (EN)

Price: $29.99

Length: 30+ hours

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