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Last Week Today: Week End Recap-May 8th to May 14th

So, the countdown is over… On Thursday at 11:30AM (EST) I officially graduated from my University! I have officially completed my master’s program… Just in case anyone is curious, my full degree title is: Master of Science in Global Health… So now I’m hotter by two degrees! (I’m sorry, it was a bad joke… 😛 )

harry potter grad

The ceremony was fun, but extremely long and tiring. I had to get up super early to drive all the way to my University which is about an hour away (hour and a half on the train), only to have to wait outside until it was time for us to do the processional thingy. The waiting wasn’t so bad, I took a ton of pictures and chatted with my classmates about all the stuff we planned on doing after graduation. Mostly we complained about the robes we had to wear lol, for your Masters, the robes come with weird hooked sleeves… Oh and my cap wouldn’t stay on straight, but it looked cooler that way. My folks drove up from Georgia for the ceremony, so when I walked into the auditorium, they started shouting my name, which was reassuring…. The whole thing is kind of a blur, it seemed really long while I was waiting for everything to start…But, now that I think about it, everything seemed to happen so fast. I guess that’s just how these things go…

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