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Mystic Messenger Bans and the Petition

Edit (9/25): I have been receiving a large number of comments from players that are receiving bans for reasons other than turning back the time on their devices. If you feel that you have been wrongfully banned, contact Cheritz directly and submit an official… Continue Reading “Mystic Messenger Bans and the Petition”

Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship- Kei Toyonaga

Disclaimer: I am going to warn ya’ll in advance, this review is my opinion feel free to disagree with me if you will… But keep it civil, I have no patience for trolls (consider yourself warned). Also this post will contain some strong language,… Continue Reading “Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship- Kei Toyonaga”

Books to Film

*So you may notice this has absolutely nothing to do with otome/otoge…sorry…maybe the next post…* Ahem…so… I love movies…I love books…hell, I even love movies based on books….But with that said, it is a fact that few things translate perfectly across media. They can… Continue Reading “Books to Film”


“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.” -Bridget Jones Like when your boyfriend of five years breaks up with you, just when everyone you know is getting married or engaged.… Continue Reading “Irony…”

To pay or not to pay…Free to Play vs Paid Games

Like all full-time students I am confident enough to say that I know the value of the dollar. Sometimes money just doesn’t stretch the entire 30-31 days, in any given month.  Between rent, food, bills, food, metro fare, food, books, tuition, and did I… Continue Reading “To pay or not to pay…Free to Play vs Paid Games”