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Last Week Today: Week End Recap-May 15th to May 21st

Hello, fellow heroes and travelers, here we are at the end of yet another week! This past week has been a little crazy! I have been sending out job applications like crazy and I finally heard back from one! I had the interview on Friday and I should hear back on Monday, so I’ll be playing the waiting game until then… My prospects look good for the job, but we’ll see….finger’s crossed!

alice waiting

So, I have a bit of an announcement to make!  One of my younger brothers is graduating from High School on Saturday! I’m so proud of him!!! Yay! But, that means that I’ll be in Georgia for this weekend… *fidgets* …so I won’t be able to get the May 22nd to May 28th Last Week Today Post out to you guys on Sunday May 29th as planned…I should be able to get it out to you guys on Monday May 30th instead though… Just a heads up!

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Apr.24th to Apr. 30th

I’m done…I’m finally done with graduate school… My last day of class was Wednesday, and there is just one open book, online final standing between me and my diploma! I don’t know whether I should celebrate, collapse in a heap and hibernate for a few weeks, or stare numbly at the wall in disbelief… But, I am done! This has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating experiences of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I really can’t wait to get my diploma and start the next phase of my life!!! So how are you guys dealing with finals? Anyone else graduating? Or do you have a long way to go?


Get it, I’m free and this is a Free gif…

Okay, so do you guys remember my Big Graduation Project? Well if you don’t here’s a refresher… Since January, I have been working on a huge research paper looking at injury rates among adolescents…This paper has been a pain in the ass, but we are finally done with it! So why is this important? Well we (my group and I) just submitted our paper for publication in a scientific journal… and guess who’s the first author… it’s Me! So this is both a gift and a curse. Being first author comes with some nifty perks (bragging rights mostly), but I’m also the one responsible for fixing all the problems that the journal might find with the paper during review…So more work! Yay!

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