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Prophecies, Teen Angst, and Robots… Oh My – Revisions Anime Review

I am not a huge mecha fan, in fact, I can honestly say there are two maybe three mecha series that have managed to hold my interest for longer than a few episodes. So, I wasn’t chomping at the bit for Winter 2019’s revisions, the brain child of veteran director Goro Taniguchi. Of course, this wasn’t Taniguchi’s first foray into the mecha genre, he’s been associated with a number of critically acclaimed mecha series since the early 90’s and it’s safe to say that he brings his years of experience with him into this sci-fi epic.

Revisions.jpgrevisions has a lot going on in its rather short, 12 episode run, equal parts human drama and sci-fi adventure, the series draws from a lot of preexisting anime tropes, while also bringing with it a few unique ideas. The series follows high schooler, Daisuke Doujima, a guy who is convinced that he is god’s greatest gift to mankind. After being rescued from an attempted kidnapping as a child, he was told by his rescuer that he was destined to save the world. With these words in his heart, Daisuke spent the better part of his life preparing to do just that, his years of “training” pay off when he, his friends, and the entire city of Shibuya are mysteriously transported from present day (2017) to the year 2388. The future is a veritable wasteland, populated by beings known as Revisions who use monstrous mecha abominations to terrorize the inhabitants of Shibuya, their only hope is the secretive organization AHRV and their agent, Milo, a mysterious young woman from the future who shares a strong resemblance to someone from Daisuke’s past. She arms Daisuke and his friends with their own mecha, String Puppets, the only things capable of taking down the Revisions and protecting the people of Shibuya. Now, Daisuke and his friends must defeat the Revisions if they have any hope of returning to the past, or they’ll risk staying in the future forever.

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30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 28: Favorite quote from an anime character

I’m really riding the highs and the lows with this challenge… Some choices for this challenge were ridiculously hard, while others were a walk in the park! This choice was one of the latter, I knew what I would write about for this post since Day 11. I just didn’t know how I wanted to write about it…So, for today’s post I decided to mimic an earlier set of posts I did for the 3-Day Quote Challenge.


Again, no intro/teaser for today’s post, I’m just gonna dive right in… So my pick for my favorite quote from an anime character is…

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30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 11: My Favorite Mecha Anime

Okay, so I have a confession to make… I am not a fan of mecha anime! In fact I can count the number of mecha anime series I’ve seen on one hand and I don’t even need all five fingers either. So, there weren’t very many choices to choose from for this prompt… and let me warn you in advanced, it’s not one of the Gundam anime series.

eeny meeny.gif

Yeah, this choice was a game of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Mecha just isn’t my thing, so I apologize to the mecha fans in advance since this isn’t one of those prolific classic mecha series. Instead I picked a rather recent, much more lighthearted (at least in the beginning) series. So my favorite mecha anime series is…

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