Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – June 2021

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s the end of yet another month, so it’s time for the Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap! Is it me or did June kind of just breeze by? I’ll be honest, the blog kind of took a back seat for me this month—I didn’t write as many reviews as I thought I would, because I put a lot of my energy into getting my Twitch channel setup. And, my efforts paid off, because I made Twitch Affiliate earlier this month and I’m rocking 159 followers (and I even have subscribers too)! I’m having a lot of fun with Twitch and everyone I’ve met has been super chill and awesome and I can’t wait to see where things go in the future! 

Offline, summer is finally in full swing! The temps are rising and here in the DC area things are opening back up, so I’ll probably see about doing some exploring again! Also cons are starting up again and since I’m fully vaccinated, I’m definitely going to try and hit up a few local ones, like BlerdCon and Otakon! So, before we dive into the July, let’s take a look back at the Month of June here on Blerdy Otome!

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