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30 Day Anime Challenge-Day 3: My Favorite Male Anime Character

Okay so unlike the prompt for Day 2, the choice for Day 3 was a no brainer! The minute I read the prompt, this character immediately popped into my head. He is the epitome of cool, from the slick way he walks and talks to the way he handles his ship, this guy is a BAMF! One minute he’s kicking ass and taking names, the next he’s causing massive amounts of property damage. This guy is a boss!

like a boss

This character is one of my all time favorite anime characters, and I don’t see anyone else taking his place anytime soon. He lives life by his own rules, as he crosses the galaxy in search of his next bounty. He hates kids, animals, and women with attitudes… So 3…2…1…Let’s jam, My favorite male anime character is…

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