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PokeNews: Darkrai Distribution

This distribution event is over, but feel free to read this post anyway! If you still have yet to enter your serial numbers into your games, you have until August 31, 2016 to do so. After this date the serial code will be void! Also check the bottom of the post for information about future Pokemon 20 Legendary Distribution Events! Check back on the first of each month for information about the newest Pokemon 2016 Legendary Distribution Event Pokemon!

Here we are again with another PokeNews report! We are now four months into the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Pokemon Release Event! We’ve seen a host of Pokemon announcements and goodies from Nintendo since February, from the announcement of Moon and Sun to the release of digital release of the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! We’ve got three legendary Pokemon under our belts already, but it’s time to spring forward and into the Fourth Generation of Pokemon games, with May’s Darkrai release!


Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokemon, is a dark type introduced in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Darkrai is part of the Lunar Duo with fellow fourth Gen Legendary, Cresselia.  It is known to inhabit dreams, causing its victims to experience never ending nightmares. But, Darkrai isn’t all bad, the nightmares it causes are only created as a means of protecting itself. However, the nightmares caused by Darkrai can only be expelled by Cresselia and the Lunar Wing. It’s signature ability Bad Dream, which saps the HP of any sleeping pokemon, makes Darkrai a formidable opponent in any battle. Like the others before it Darkrai had its own movie, Rise of Darkrai.

Darkrai was released back in 2009, through a special item distribution event. During the event, players would receive the key item Member Card in Platinum through the Mystery Gift feature. The Member Card would then allow players to access the harbor in Canalave City and ride a ferry to Newmoon Island. Once there the player will encounter a booming voice and black out, once awake Darkrai will be added to your party. There was also a second event, where you could transfer over Darkrai from Pokemon Ranger:Shadows of Almia. So if you missed your chance to get Darkrai from one of the earlier events, now is your chance.

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