GrimmGirl Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 2 of Haikyu

Hello Heroes and Travellers, today we have a special guest post from the lovely, Katrina Sade from over at!! The Haikyuu Fangirl Duo is back with part two of our Haikyu Collaboration post series, so join me in welcoming GrimmGirl to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!! So without further ado, I’m gonna turn things over to Kat!!

Hey everyone!

It’s GrimmGirl here, back again to guest blog here at Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. Some time ago Pokeninja 90 and myself decided to be batshit crazy and come up with our top three moments of season 1 of Haikyu. If you have seen the show I know what you are thinking, “But how can you choose just three? It is logically impossible.”

Let me tell you, it was a struggle but both of us managed the impossible! That’s just how good we are cue wink. If you didn’t get a chance to see our top three moments of season 1 you are surely missing out so make sure to check them both out <3

Pokeninja90’s Top Three Season One Haikyu Moments

GrimmGirl’s Top Three Season One Haikyu Moments

Obviously our success at being able to choose three moments from season one turned us into gluttons for punishments because we are back again with our Top Three Moments of season two. If I thought choosing for season one was hard, choosing for season two was emotional whiplash.

So after much deliberation and maybe just a few moments of ugly crying as I had to remove some moments off the list… I came up with this fine list of Haikyu moments that are sure to evoke some sense of emotion. Enjoy!

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GrimmGirl Has Joined Your Party! Anime Collab: Top Moments of Haikyu- Season 1

Hello wonderful people of Pokeninja90’s blog!


I’m Kat from GrimmGirl and I’m really excited that I get to work with Pokeninja90 for this Haikyu collaboration series. I’m a huge Haikyu fan and it didn’t take me long to convince Pokeninja90 to start watching the series as well. I’m happy to say she loved it as well and thus our collaboration idea came about!


We decide to really challenge ourselves by coming up with our top three favorite moments during Haikyu. To make this task a little easier we broke it up into two posts. Top three moments for season one and top three moments for season two. Make sure to keep an eye out for our season two post coming soon!

I also would like to warn anyone who has yet to see the show that all of these moments will contain spoilers. If you are interested in reading a spoiler free post in order to see if this is a show you would like to try watching then please check out Pokeninja90’s reaction post Fangirl Moment: Haikyu!! or my season one review Haikyu!! You Are My New Obsession…

Everyone else please sit back and enjoy reading my Top Three Hiakyu Moments of Season One!

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