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[Announcement] I’m all out of wack this week!

First don’t worry, this isn’t going to be bad news! I just have a lot on my plate so I wasn’t able to keep up with my blogging schedule like I wanted to… So as most of you know I have been working on revising a research paper I helped write (with two classmates) back in May for my Big Graduation Research Capstone.

wolf children exhausted

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Apr. 17th-23rd

I am so glad that this week is over! So much for having free time to play games this week… Life saw that I had free time and did its damnedest to eliminate any hope of enjoying it! It seems like all of my school assignments were all due on Wednesday! EVERY SINGLE ONE! I had a presentation on Wednesday for a Worksite Wellness program I created and then I had an interview, which I’m pretty sure I bombed…But, the worst assignment by far has been my Big Graduation Research project! My professor ripped our paper a new one, so as a collective my team and I had over 100 revisions to make! I wanted to cry when I saw all the stuff she wanted us to change…

head to computer

I managed to muddle through it all, only to realize that I have finals coming up soon that I have to study for…So what little free time I had left was devoted to playing Starry Sky in Spring…and like a fool buying more new games…

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Mar. 26th to Apr. 2nd

Here we are at the end of another week…and I am swamped with school assignments. School work is like a hydra monster or grey hairs, when you cut off one, two more take its place!

My Big Graduation Research Project is really kicking my ass! I underestimated how much work the discussion section of this assignment was going to be and now I’m scrambling to reach my deadline. But, don’t worry too much, I’m a certified procrastinator, the closer the deadline gets the better my quality of work is. So, with one day left, I’ve finally hit my groove!

So last week I mentioned that I had a phone interview for one of the jobs I applied for, well I must have done well, because I was invited back for a second in person interview!!! So fingers crossed!

I also announced that my little brother started his own gaming website, Ice Gauntlet, he and some of his associates have banded together to bring you up to date gaming news, reviews, and features! The site is great, and you guys should definitely take a look if you have the time and let them know I sent ya. Click the blue banner below to go to the site.

Ice Gauntlet Banner

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Mar. 13th to Mar. 19th

Here we are again the end of another week…Since graduation is looming, ever present on the horizon so hiring season is upon us at last! I have filled out so many applications, cover letters, and resumes in the past few day that I feel like I’m a job application champ! But, to be honest the whole process is tedious and draining. I wish I could just show up at the place I want to work and say, “HIRE ME! I CAN READ AND WRITE…HIRE ME!…please?”


This is what my resume looks like right now…

Job hunting aside, my Big Graduation Project is coming up on the final stretch and we are writing the Discussion section! For those who don’t know this is where we talk about the results and offer an explanation about how they may have come about. We also give details about the strengths and limitations of our study and suggestions for future studies. Trust me it’s loads better than the statistics portion of this project, that was the most frustratingly tedious part of this project! My Behavior Change Project will be over on Wednesday, and I couldn’t be more pleased, one less thing to worry about!

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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Feb. 28th to Mar. 5th

Spring Break started on Saturday and this year I am going to New York! So I won’t have access to my laptop so, I decided to write this week’s post in advanced…fingers crossed that this works!

I got a lot of love this week from you guys, especially from Katrina over at Grimmgirl.com, she wrote a really awesome Spotlight on me and my blog! I can’t thank her enough for the spotlight, it really made my day when I read it!

happy ouran

Speaking of happiness, the draft for my Big Graduation Research Project was accepted and edited *throws confetti*, so now we’ve moved on to the Discussion section and Literature review. So wish me luck with that! If the project wasn’t enough of a reminder that graduation is on the horizon, then this next piece of news definitely is… I picked up my Cap and Gown on Wednesday! Graduation is only two months away and I’m still not ready for it… My school colors are green and gold which aren’t bad together, but when you add in my Salmon Pink hood, everything changes…

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