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My Childhood Friend became My Lover – Amnesia Memories- Shin Review

I usually don’t go for the childhood friend characters, but I really liked Shin’s character design. From the piercings to the jacket, everything about him seemed to scream bad boy, plus he’s a bit of a tsundere, which trumps everything. I actually really enjoyed Shin’s route, it had just enough mystery and suspense to keep me reading until the very end. I will admit that in hindsight the reveal was obvious, but at the time it took me a some time to figure it out. I had a really hard time getting the good ending in this route, first landing one of the bad endings which came right out of left field…I really did not see that coming at all, it was almost too random to be believable (especially when you haven’t played any other routes). Other than that the route was pretty good, everything lined up nicely plot-wise and Shin didn’t have a single out of character moment, all in all a solid route.

*Side Note: I will not have an MC/Heroine section in this review…I feel that there just isn’t enough about her to fill an entire section in this game. I was actually really disappointed by the MC in this game.

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Amnesia Memories Otome Review

So I finally got around to finishing my first route in Amnesia: Memories! Yay! *throws confetti* As always, I’m a few months behind the rest of the otoge community, but I can live with that. I took my time playing this one, and I’m kinda glad I did…there was a lot going on with this game. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the game, it was fun, but there were some things that I had problems with.

So I decided to play Shin’s route first, because he happens to be on all the promotional art, and he looked cute. Usually I’d go for the megane hottie Kent first, but something told me that it would be in my best interest to play Shin’s route first…and I’ll have to let you know in a later post if that was the right decision.

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