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My Childhood Friend is Kinda Crazy: Amnesia: Memories – Toma Review

Toma…Toma, Toma, Toma…sigh…Toma…I know I said this before, but I really have mixed feelings about childhood friend routes. Some are amazingly sweet, especially when executed well, while others…not so much. I don’t really like childhood friend stories at the best of times and from what I’d seen of Toma in Shin’s route, let’s just say that I was not overly thrilled to play his route. I didn’t need to get the end of Shin’s route to suspect that beneath his big brother act was a seriously twisted and messed up individual. The first indication that this route was different from the previous three was the addition of the Doubt indicator on the Parameters screen. The second indication was the fact that his Suspicion indicator is maxed out from the beginning. None of the other guys started at 100% Suspiscion, not even Shin, and he was accused of pushing the MC off a cliff. And even then I had to work for it! So then, I began wondering: What makes Toma so special? Why is his route so different? Well I’m afraid the answer is simple…he’s batshit crazy psycho insane in love with the MC.

*Side Note: I will not have an MC/Heroine section in this review…I feel that there just isn’t enough about her to fill an entire section in this game. I was actually really disappointed by the MC in this game.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these images, they belong to Idea Factory…and this goes without saying, but there will be SPOILERS under the cut…

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Amnesia Memories Otome Review

So I finally got around to finishing my first route in Amnesia: Memories! Yay! *throws confetti* As always, I’m a few months behind the rest of the otoge community, but I can live with that. I took my time playing this one, and I’m kinda glad I did…there was a lot going on with this game. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the game, it was fun, but there were some things that I had problems with.

So I decided to play Shin’s route first, because he happens to be on all the promotional art, and he looked cute. Usually I’d go for the megane hottie Kent first, but something told me that it would be in my best interest to play Shin’s route first…and I’ll have to let you know in a later post if that was the right decision.

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