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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – April 2020

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs~ 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and yet, I don’t think anyone would have anticipated the absolute sh*t show this year has turned into. It’s been one thing after another since January and now many of us are just waiting for things to settle down.

With the stay at home orders in place in the DMV, I’m spending a lot more time at home, which has given me more opportunities to write. Nothing like a pandemic to get the creative juices flowing… I think this is the most active I have been in a long time and I’m having fun coming up with new content and checking out other blogs. Since there’s so much more content now, it’s finally time for me to revive my recap posts. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably remember my old Last Week Today post. This is the same concept, just much more condensed—doing a weekly recap was just a bit overwhelming, but I think this format will be much easier to manage each month. So let’s get this show on the road and look back at the month of April here on Blerdy Otome!

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