I consider myself to be a multifaceted person, so my interests tend to be all over the place. I figure why limit yourself to one thing when you can seek out, discover, and explore blogs about everything?! So, here are some links to some blogs that I am rather fond of!

If you want to exchange links let me know! I would love to exchange links with blogs about gaming, otome/otoge, anime, manga, dramas, and POKEMON. Please if you are going to add me to your blogroll use this link: and the title “Nice Job Breaking It, Hero“! Looking forward to linking up!

Gaming Blogs

Another Gaming Day

Bishie Holic

Boba and Games


Figuratively Speaking


Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews

Purple Nurple Wonderland

Otoge On

Otome Tantei

Taiyou no Kousen

Unlucky Hero’s Adventures





Jills Writings on Anime

KuroSama Reviews


Mel in Anime Land

Pinky’s Palace

The Reviewer’s Corner

Two Happy Cats



Yahari Bento

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