BL Game Reviews: Master List

This is the place for all my fujoshi gamers out there! This is where I will post all of my Boys Love/Yaoi/BxB game reviews. Some of the content in these reviews will be NSFW, but rest assured I will warn you well before you catch a glimpse of any man on man action!



A hand in the darkness

A Hand in the Darkness


Bacchikoi (NSFW)

Bacchikoi Expansion Pack (NSFW)

Beyond Eden Header

Beyond Eden

blind men

Blind Men 

camp buddy

Camp Buddy

CHasing the Stars

Chasing the Stars

Chess of Blades (1)

Chess of Blades


dmmd banner.png

DRAMAtical Murder


My Magical Demon Lover

no thank you.png

No, Thank You!!!

Seiyuu Danshi

Seiyuu Danshi (NSFW)

sleepover title (2).jpg

Sleepover (NSFW)

sweet pool

Sweet Pool

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