Month: February 2021

Melanin Friendly Games – The Sky Left Us

Hey  Blerdy Tribe!! It’s Monday once again and I want to kick off the week with some melanin friendly games! If this is your first time here at Blerdy Otome, welcome!

Every Monday I spotlight video games that focus on stories surrounding more diverse casts of characters—for folks like me looking for a bit more representation in their games. Video games are for everyone, so shouldn’t their stories and characters be just as diverse as the people that play them? So I created this series to celebrate games that strive to tell much more diverse stories centering on Black and Brown individuals. But, I welcome all diversity and the series has expanded to include games featuring LGBTQIA rep and characters from other underrepresented groups.

So, if you’re interested in seeing previous melanin friendly games posts, click HEREThis week, I’m spotlighting the sci-fi visual novel, The Sky Left Us, from Ratworm Games.

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Behind the Games – Interview with Aikasa Collective

Hey Hey Blerdy Tribe, I’m back with another Behind the Games post! For those of you just joining the party, Behind the Games is a segment where I interview the folks ‘behind the games’ I review. Giving you guys a chance to get to know the developers that spend so much time carefully crafting the games you enjoy.

Last time, I spoke with members of Perfect Garbage—the studio working on the upcoming cyberpunk visual novel, Love Shore. This time around, I had the chance to chat with the founder of Ai Collective, the team behind the the yuri romance game, Mizuchi—which is loosely based on the Chinese folk tale, Legend of the White Snake.

Aikasa Collective

We are a small team of secret romantics who wanted to create visual novels together. The origin of our studio name is “ai ai gasa” – the concept of sharing an umbrella with someone you care about. We hope to show all types of love, the ups and downs of friendships and relationships.

I sat down with Roxie, the co-founder of Aikasa Collective, to talk about their debut game, Mizuchi and the ups and downs of being an indie game studio and a sneak peek at their upcoming release Red Rebellion! There are a lot of great things coming from the team in the future, and I am so excited to have gotten the chance to get this exclusive with Roxie!

The Aikasa Collective team also provided a copy of their first game, Mizuchi for a very special giveaway!! Read till the end for details! 

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Short Otome Games You Can Finish in a Weekend

Most of us are still kicking it in our homes, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world stops. Between work, school, and family, it can seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything we want done. Finding time for your responsibilities and your hobbies can be a bit of a balancing act, and for a lot of folks that means that our hobbies get relegated to the weekends (or late into the night).

Well if you’re looking for some games you can play through in a single weekend, I have the list for you! Each of the games on this list have fantastic stories and characters, but without the long gameplay hours of other otome game releases! So, with the weekend right around the corner, consider adding some of these games to your library!

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First Impressions: Made Marion Demo

Made Marion is an upcoming fantasy indie otome game and the debut title of indie studio, Velvet Cupcake. The game is inspired by the stories of Robin Hood, but rather than the following the exploits of the legendary hero, his leading lady Marion takes center stage in this twist on the English folktale. Set in the land of Avalon, a land filled with magic and adventure, Made Marion offers a wholly original story. 

I have been following this project for awhile now and with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, this seemed like the perfect time to check out the demo! The campaign has already in full swing and is set to end on March 18th. But, if you’re still on the fence about the game check out my thoughts below (and then totally download the demo)! 

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My Dangerous Life BL Game Review – F*ckboys in the City

My Dangerous Life is a boys love dating sim, that was originally released by Hituzigumo in 2018 on mobile as He and My Dangerous Life. The game follows a college student named Hinata who travels to New York to fulfill his life-long dream of studying abroad. His dream becomes a nightmare when in the span of one day, he is swindled out of his apartment and a stranger steals his identity to enroll at his university. At a loss for what to do, Hinata is approached by a group of handsome men who offer to help him by giving him a place to stay at their shared apartment…and so begins his dangerous new life in the Big city. The game was panned for it’s subpar translation… among other things, and not wanting such a “phenomenal” story to go to waste, the powers that be teamed up with Giiku Games to overhaul the localization for a Steam release.

Full disclosure, I bought this game without having read the synopsis or the character bios–I saw the pretty art, the BL tag, and that it was on sale for $9.09 (the perfect alignment for an impulse buyer, such as myself) and I threw my money down. So, I didn’t vet this game before buying and surprise, surprise, this game isn’t exactly “high art”, but there is some enjoyment to be had from a “bad” game and My Dangerous Life is a trainwreck I just can’t help but watch…

Game Details
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