Month: January 2021

First Impressions – NIGHT/SHADE Demo

NIGHT/SHADE (not to be confused with this Nightshade) is an upcoming 18+ cyberpunk BL visual novel developed by indie studio KingAsphy. This is the team’s first project and from what I’ve seen so far it definitely puts me in the mind of some of Nitro+Chiral’s works, particularly DRAMAtical Murder.

Set in 2040 in the fusion city of Sobena, NIGHT/SHADE takes us on a trip into the neon lit underworld of the city; where crime syndicates own the streets and back alley deals and strange murders are the norm. The only way to survive is to either turn a blind eye to the unsavory goings on of the city or become one with the city’s dark underbelly. 

KingAsphy launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game and there are just a handful of days left to fund the campaign and they are soooo close to reaching their goal! There is a short demo available, so I decided to give it a look see and if it’s worth throwing my money at (spoiler alert: totally worth it).

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5 Games I Plan on Finishing in 2021

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for some housekeeping!! Like any self respecting gamer I have a massively huge backlog, that only seems to grow with each passing year—well, NO MORE I say! This year I am going to commit to putting a dent in my gaming backlog if it’s the last thing that I do! And what pray tell prompted this declaration? Why, it was a rather aptly timed Instagram tag currently making the rounds, but that doesn’t make my intentions any less firm! But, where to start? How about with the games I keep putting on hold?

I like these games well enough, but, I just can’t seem to ever stick with them for very long. But, not this year, I am going to commit to finishing these games if it’s the last thing that I do! You dear reader are my witness! It’s time to Marie Kondo my backlog, starting with these five game…

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Melanin Friendly Games – High Elo Girls

Hey  Blerdy Tribe!! Happy New Year! The dumpster fire that was 2020 is officially behind us and with it the promise of better things in the new year! This is the very first Monday of 2021 and what better way to kick things off than with some melanin friendly games! If this is your first time here at Blerdy Otome, welcome!

Every Monday I spotlight video games that focus on stories surrounding more diverse casts of characters—for folks like me looking for a bit more representation in their games. Video games are for everyone, so shouldn’t their stories and characters be just as diverse as the people that play them? So I created this series to celebrate games that strive to tell much more diverse stories centering on Black and Brown individuals. 

If you’re interested in seeing previous melanin friendly games posts, click HEREThis week, I’m spotlighting the queer positive Esports visual novel, High Elo Girls, from Split Fate Studios. 

Play as Rafaela, a college dropout seeking direction by trying out for Momentum Gaming (MMG), an ambitious team of five high level players come together to compete in a once in a lifetime competition, The Targon Invitational, for entry into the closed League Championship Series (LCS).

– High Elo Girls | Game Synopsis

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Best Friends Forever Game Review – Love, Laughs, and Cute Doggos

Looking for a super cute game to kick off the new year? Look no further than Best Friends Forever, the dating sim where navigating the complexities of modern dating is made all the more fun with the help of your very own furever friend! Developed by New Zealand based indie studio Starcolt, Best Friends Forever one part dating sim, one part pet care game. 

Start your brand new life in sunny Rainbow Bay,  take in the sights and sounds of the city—raise a cute pup and get to know the colorful cast of singles and their furry companions. Make new friends and maybe even find love along the way.  Adopt your own cute doggo and form a bond that will last a lifetime! Romance and cute doggos, what’s not to love?

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