Month: May 2020

Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – May 2020

Hey there Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs another month has come and gone, and with it 2020 continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Many of us are still at home as COVID-19 continues to rages on and now the unnecessary murders of black people at the hands of those sworn to protect has major cities all across the country in an uproar.

It’s a emotional time for us here in the States and it’s just further evidence that things need to change. So, it is with that backdrop that we say goodbye to the May, a tumultuous month in an already difficult year. And, with that said, lets look back on the month here at Blerdy Otome.

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Blerdy PSA: I Am Tired Of This!

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs~ I planned on having a review up today, but I think right now, this is more important.

While most of us are still sheltering at home while ‘Rona rages on outside, here in the States, we’re still reeling from the most recent string of Black slayings and the resulting civil unrest as many take to the streets to show their disgust at the double standard that continues to exist within our country.

As a Black woman I am so tired of seeing so many of my people murdered for no other reason than they were Black in America. COVID-19 is not the only threat—a corrupt system that functions on inequality is—what happened to George Floyd is not new and senseless killings like this won’t end until the system that runs on fear and hate is dismantled. I know, this is a bit heavier than what I usually post here, but I’m tired of seeing the same shit day in and day out! I’m tired of having to be on my guard when I leave the safety of my home to go about my day to day life. And I refuse to stay silent in the face of such blatant and disregard for black lives. Being Black in America should not be a death sentence.

If you are looking to show support to those in Minnesota the Minnesota Freedom Fund is taking donations. And if you are unable to donate, share their donation site information.

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Click the banner to be taken to their donation page

To everyone out there, whether you are at home or out in the streets protesting—Stay safe. Be Well. 


5 Games Like Taisho x Alice

Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs it’s time once again for another Games Like post—the blog series where you guys vote on the otome game and I go out and find five games that are similar to them. Last time I wrote a list of 5 Games Like Code Realize and this time around I ran a poll over on Twitter and 23 of you guys voted for Taisho x Alice!

Taisho x Alice is a game that has been localized in English not once, but twice. The first time was the infamously bad localization done by E2 Gaming, that not only had a laughably subpar translation, but absolutely terrible English voice acting. Thankfully, Primula decided to take matters into their own hands, with their parent company pencil handling the localization this time around. The OtomeArmada’s own Verdelish worked on the translation for Episode 1 and she definitely brings her own unique flair to the English version.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Taisho x Alice is a re-imagining of popular fairytales, but with a twist—each of the love interests are gender swapped versions of famous characters like Cinderella and Snow White! The game was originally released in Japan in 2015 for PC and was split into four episodes, each with two LIs. The first episode features Cinderella and Red Riding Hood’s stories; the second—Kaguya and Gretel; the third episode— Snow White and the Wizard; and the fourth and final episode focuses on Alice.

So far, only the first episode has been released, but there are plans to release the subsequent episodes in the near future. So while we’re waiting for the rest of the Taisho x Alice games to be released here in the West, here are five game titles that are sure to help fill the void! As always, I tried to go with games that have a similar vibe to TaiAli so don’t expect games that are play by play clones. Now, with that out of the way, let’s check out five games like Taisho x Alice!

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Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #54

Hey there Heroes, Travelers, and Wandering NPCs, it’s once again that special time of the week—Thrifty Thursday!

In a world where it’s all about the almighty dollar, sometimes it’s a little tough to make our pennies stretch enough to accommodate our hobbies. But, there are plenty of ways to balance your budget while still enjoying the things you love, you just have to be a little thrifty about it. So, I created Thrifty Gaming in order to spotlight some lesser known indie titles that are both entertaining an affordable.

If you’re a new follower or someone who has been following since my Nice Job Breaking It Hero days and have been gone for awhile, here’s a refresher… Thrifty Gaming, is a weekly post series where I spotlight three games/visual novels that are under $10.00. These can be mobile games, PC games, and a few times I have found some nice indie console titles too. The list used to focus on just otome games and romance visual novels, but after requests from a few readers I have since expanded to other gaming genres. I don’t include sales or limited time offers, each title has to be consistently priced at $10.00 or less without any promotions to be included in this line up.


Note, these are not reviews, rather recommendations so your mileage may vary with some of these titles. This week’s post will include a brief synopsis and links to each game so you can add them to your gaming library! You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your hobbies, so save a little bread and check this week’s thrifty gaming picks!

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NaNoRenO 2020 Review – ‘Love Rewind: A Magical Time Travel Romance’

Full steam ahead with another NaNoRenO 2020 game, this time around I’m looking at Love Rewind: A Magical Time Travel Romance, a fantasy romance visual novel developed as a collaboration between three game developers—Omelette, Foleso, and Illusia. It’s not uncommon to see devs collaborating on a single game for NaNoRenO and there are a handful of collaborative efforts among this year’s submissions. I covered Foleso’s solo NaNoRenO 2020 submission, Demon Kiss, though the other two devs are relatively unknown to me, but after playing Love Rewind I’m definitely going to have to check out some of their other works soon.

Love Rewind 1

After an accident 10 years ago, Yuki fled civilization to live out the rest of his days as a hermit in the woods. One day, his solitude is broken when he finds a dying cat outside his cabin. Unwilling to let the poor creature die, he takes the cat home in hopes of nursing it back to health. To his surprise, the cat is actually a guardian spirit named Aurelia, and she is duty bound to grant Yuki his deepest desire as gratitude for saving her life. With her powers Aurelia gives Yuki a chance to correct the mistakes of his past…

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