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[News] 3-Day Voltage Super SALE is Live!!!

So it’s finally here, the event you’ve all been waiting for….the Voltage Super Sale is finally here!! Now for just 3-Days, from May 13-May 15 (JST), you can take advantage of massive sales in 13 different Voltage Inc Apps!!! If you have been holding back on your mobile otoge spending, now is the time to act!!

super sale voltage.png


Which Apps ?


Dangerous Seduction 

IOS | Android



Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

IOS | Android


Era of Samurai: Code of Love 

IOS | Android


Star-Crossed Myth 

IOS | Android


My Last First Kiss 

IOS | Android



After School Affairs 

IOS | Android


Scandal in the Spotlight 

IOS | Android


Our Two Bedroom Story

IOS | Android


Enchanted in the Moonlight

IOS | Android


Love Letter from Thief X 

IOS | Android

Class trip crush.png

Class Trip Crush

IOS | Android


In Your Arms Tonight

IOS | Android


Butler Until Midnight

IOS | Android

What’s on Sale??

  • ALL Main Stories, Epilogues and Sequels are 25% – 50% OFF!!
  • Sub Stories are  UP to 75% OFF!!
    • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder and Our Two Bedroom Story has a SUPER SALE special limited-time offer (Season 1 Bundles 65% off for both Soryu and Tsugumu)!

Voltage even threw in some of the older apps like Love Letter From Thief X, In Your Arms Tonight, and Class Trip Crush! So, If you have been on the fence about Voltage and their games before, NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE THEM A SHOT! Go, spend while the apps are cheap!!

Are you excited about the sale? What do you plan on buying? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!! And as always, Thank You for Reading!!!

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