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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Jan. 1st to Jan. 7th

Happy New Years Heroes and Travelers, if you’re reading this, it means we made to the end of another week here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! This was the very first week of 2017 and I know most of you guys are still getting back into the swing of things, so whether you’re heading back to work, school, or still enjoying some much needed vacation time, I hope your year started off with a bang!!


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weekly blog recap

  1. Bacchikoi-BL Game Review– Bacchikoi is an 18+ PC BL visual novel from Black Monkey Pro an international BL artist circle. The game tells the story of a first year transfer student, Toshu Kanada, after he joins the baseball team at his new school.
  2. A Very Important Date- Demo Review– A Very Important Date  is an upcoming Alice in Wonderland themed visual novel from indie developers Naive Sprites.
  3. Thrifty Gaming: Games That Won’t Blow Your Budget #1– This post is the inaugural post in my brand new Thrifty Gamer series, where I will spotlight three visual novels for gamers on a budget.
  4. Fangirl Moment: Does the Flower Blossom?– Does the Flower Blossom? by Shoko Hidaka is a five volume slice of life boys love manga, that follows the budding relationship between a mature office worker and a young artist.
  5. Falling for a Cunning Spy: Dangerous Seduction- Asuka Hino– Asuka Hino is a smooth talking baby-faced spy with a knack for deception, but when he finally takes off his mask he’s much more vulnerable and raw than anyone could have ever imagined.

Page Jumps: Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

weekly news recap

New This Week:

  • Janurary marks the start of the third Dating Sim Community Game- Along! Check out the official post over at for details… HERE!
  • E2 Gaming finally announced a release date for the localization of Taisho x Alice: March 2017
    • Click here for the official FB announcement!
  • Ebullience Games’s upcoming visual novel Red String of Fate was Greenlit for Steam, and to celebrate they are having a special giveaway!
    • The giveaway will  run until January 14th 2017!
  • Development is still underway on GB Patch Games’s upcoming visual novel Floret Bond!
    • Check out their twitter account, @Patch_Games, for announcements and updates.
  • Korean game developers Cheritz donated over $100,000 of their profits from Mystic Messenger to charity!
  • The demo for a Chrismas themed romance/comedy visual novel, Your Christmas Lie is now available for download on!
  • Unfortunately the Kickstarter Campaign for Naive Sprites’s Alice in Wonderland themed visual novel, A Very Important Date was not successful at meeting it’s funding goal. However, the devs have announced that they will continue working on the game and plan to launch a new KS campaign later on this year!

Ongoing News:

  • The Kickstarter Campaign for Precatio’s upcoming visual novel, Kokorogawari is down to the final hours!!
    • Check out the campaign, HERE.
  • The English localization of Otomate’s Period: Cube ~ Shackles of Amadeus ~ finally has an official release date of April 25th, 2017!
    • Amazon is officially accepting pre-orders, HERE!
  • D3Publisher’s Hyakka Hyakurou: Sengoku Ninpoujou is getting an English release on steam under the name Nightshade!
    • The game will be fully voiced and will $34.99!
    • However, upon it’s release Nightshade will be available for 20% off the retail price!!
    • For more information about the game, check out the Official Site!
  • Pre-orders for Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds (Hakuouki: Shinkai – Kaze no Shou) are now available, HERE!!
    • Read the announcement, HERE!



The very first OWLS Blog Tour is underway, January’s topic focuses on Disruptors in Anime!

To disrupt” has a negative denotation, but rather than looking at the verb in a negative light, we are going to use the verb in a positive way. It’s like the word, “protest” which has positive and negative connotations depending on the perspective of the person.”
Disruptors: An individual or a group disturbing a system or social norms/conventions that they believe is destroying what is morally right. 

Each OWLS member will be uploading their individual posts throughout the month of January! This week’s Blog Tour guides were Matt from Matt in the Hat, who wrote about the disruptors in Bleach and Katrina Sade from, who wrote about the disruptors in Naruto! There are many more Blog Tour Stops planned throughout the month so be on the look out for announcements on the Official OWLS Twitter @OWLSbloggers, where I will keep you guys updated on each of the upcoming posts and other OWLS news!


This week I unveiled a new post series, Thrifty Gaming Every Thursday from now until it gets to be too much, I will spotlight three otome games/visual novels $10 or less (does not include limited time offers and sale items). Each post will include download links/purchase links and a brief synopsis of each title! All posts can be found under the Games tab in the top menu!

Poll Results for… What Type of Otome Player Are You?!!


It seems, I’m always forgetting about the polls… so this one wound up running for over a month, instead of the planned two weeks. I’ll try to be better about this in the future.

So, for this poll, I was curious to see how you all played otome games, specifically, how you all deal with the MC. When I started this poll I expected to see the majority of the votes in either the “I am the MC/Heroine” category or the “The MC/Heroine is a Character that I control” category, so I was surprised that most of you do both! Out of the 153 votes, a whopping 71 of you guys chose, “I am both the MC/Heroine and Myself when I play“, followed by “The MC/Heroine is a Character that I control” (45 votes) and “I am the MC/Heroine” (23 votes).

I really want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. What do you think about this change? Do you guys like my posts? Is there something you think I should fix or add? Please feel free to let me know here in the comments section, or you can use this contact form!

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the week ahead

pretending to write

So, remember how I said that I’d be spending the holiday break catching up on game playthoughs… well that didn’t happen, so I’m currently playing catch up still… Don’t worry, I have some demo reviews that I am working on, so expect those throughout the week! I’m also working on a 2017 Gaming Plans list, that I will post sometime on Monday, so keep an eye out for that! The Thrifty Gaming posts are scheduled until the end of January so look out for those every Thursday!

**Week 2 of the OWLS Disruptors Blog Tour is underway, with posts from Venus (Japanime Talks) and Arria Cross (Fujinsei) coming out on Jan. 9th and 13th respectively.**


The next poll is… What’s your ideal otome/otoge guy? [Choose Up to 3]  The poll will be open until January 22nd at 11:59 PM!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, HousekeepingWeekly Blogger Spotlight

Blogger spotlight banner

Here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight four interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

Top 10 Anime Sport Anime Male CrushThis post comes from Mel from Mel in Anime Land! Last year, I was reintroduced to the miraculous world of sports anime, and I’m afraid I’ll never be the same again! So when I saw this delectable top ten list in my Reader this past week, I just knew I had to include it in this week’s Blogger Spotlight! This is a mouthwatering list of sports anime’s hottest guys, and a must read for fans of the genre!!

Do you watch too much anime?This post comes from Scott from Mechanical Anime ReviewsI love Scott’s discussion posts, he always manages to choose relevant and thought provoking topics. Whether your a binge watcher like me or a casual viewer, this post asks anime lovers to share their anime viewing habits! This is a fun read and relevant topic for anime fans everywhere!!

NEETaku Rants: So…Is Ecchi Just Softcore Hentai Now?– This post comes from NEETaku from Just… My 2 CentsHow could I possibly pass up one of NEETaku’s signature rants?! Of all the rants he has written, this is one of my absolute favorites, it’s like he took every thought I’d ever had about ecchi and put it in to one hilarious and fun post! Whether your a fan of ecchi or not, this post is a must read and while you’re over there check out NEETaku’s other rants… they are frickin’ awesome!!

Ani-Reality: Yuri!!! on IceThis post comes from Heyitszel from ARCHI-ANIME! And last but certainly not least, is the first in an interesting new post series that combines this bloggers two loves: anime and architecture… and the results are mindblowing! In this post Heyitszel takes an in depth look at the architectural settings in last season’s hit anime series, Yuri on Ice! Delightfully entertaining and educational, this post is a must read for,well, everyone!!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post! Be sure to check out some of the bloggers from this week’s Weekly Blogger Spotlight, and drop them a line! Strike up a conversation or make a new friend! Don’t be shy get out there and mingle! 😉 Also, don’t worry if your post wasn’t featured in this week’s post, keep writing and keep posting! I’ll keep my eye out!

See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Tell me what you think about my post? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Have an idea for a post? Shoot me a line in the comments section  or Message me on Twitter! Don’t be shy, I swear I don’t bite! I appreciate input and discussions from my readers so let your voice be heard…and finally, as always Thank You for reading!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

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  1. Your new series are both off to a great start! Woo!

    Hang in there with the demo reviews and the 2017 Gaming Plans list. It may hard to stay committed to these new games, but we believe in you!

    Ehehehe I voted in the poll. A-am I a M for picking these options? That being said, I think my preferences change erratically.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was only able to get one out on time lol gotta bring the new one out in Feb… or March… 😛

      OH MY GOSH YES!! I am already so behind and I fear I will never catch up!

      Yusss, thanks for voting!! LOL I’m a bit of an M myself too, but don’t tell anyone 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, you did it.
        Heh. Heeeeh. We’ll wait for as long as it takes! c:

        The queue grows by the daaaaay ;__; keep your chin up. It just means there will always be a supply of games for you to tackle! Bests having no games. I guess?
        You’re welcome! (Oh yeah? Your secret is safe with me, senpai)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Awww Remy!! I actually have something good cooked up for Feb… since V-day is on the 14th *rubs hands together*

        LOL I rotate my queue almost daily 😛

        Ha ha ha good good, can’t let that secret get out… who knows who might be watching XD

        Liked by 1 person

    • It was my pleasure, I always try to spread the word about awesome events like this in the otoge community!! Awesome sauce, definitely stop by again I do this recap post every week in addition to my regular reviews and post series!! 😀


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