Let’s Show Our Support for </reality> a VR inspired Visual Novel!!

Edit (12/17): The Kickstarter for this game was successful at meeting its funding goal. The final funding amount was $6,248 from 194 backers! The game has a tentative release date for Spring 2017!

Hey hey everyone, I’m taking a break from exploring the lovely Alola region to bring you yet another Kickstarter campaign!! I originally included the campaign in one of my Last Week Today posts, but one thing lead to another and I wasn’t able to get around to writing a post about it…

So, this time around I am excited to bring you guys the campaign for Fancy Fish Games’s upcoming VR inspired visual novel, </reality>!!


</reality> is a sci-fi visual novel that deals with some thought provoking themes, such as the nature of existence and reality! This game promises to blur the lines between the world of the game and that of our protagonists everyday life.

Supernovas blaze in the night sky and major natural disasters are commonplace, but the gaming world is abuzz over a revolutionary virtual reality console. The Penta, developed by InterMense founder Jacob Lessard, promises a neural connection more “real” than reality itself. But what does it truly mean for something to be real?

When VR nerd Lilya Martel arrives at InterMense as a beta tester, she expects to spend the weekend battling her social anxiety in exchange for the opportunity to enter Vitalia, the flagship Penta simulation. But between the physical side-effects of the Penta, suspicious explanations from the developers, and the odd and unbelievably intelligent inhabitants of Vitalia, clearly all is not as it seems at InterMense. Ben Evers, another beta tester, claims that Vitalia is the world in which he belongs – permanently. When Ben’s life is threatened, Lilya sees that she has become involved in something much riskier and more eye-opening than she realized.



Outside of the main cast, </reality> features an expansive cast of characters, both from the real world and the virtual reality world of Vitalia. (In the interest of space, I’ll only highlight the main cast…)


L to R: Jacob, Lilya, Kumori, and Ben

  • Lilya Martel is the protagonist of </reality> and a disillusioned college student. She deals with her social anxiety by spending all of her time online. Lilya finds comfort in the virtual world and has a large following of online friends and associates, but few real life friends.
    • Jacob Lessard is the founder of InterMense and the creator of the Penta VR technology. Jacob is a cold, loner who wants nothing more than to share his creations with the world.
    • Ben Evers is one of the Penta beta testers. He is an enthusiastic and up beat guy with a love of gaming, especially VR! Despite Ben’s optimism for life, he actually would prefer to live in the virtual world permanently!
    • Kumori is one of the inhabitants of the virtual world, Vitalia. She is a sentient cat-like creature and an in-game companion of Lilya and crew. Kumori possesses a heightened intellect and a quick wit!


  • A thought provoking branching story line
    • The game features TWO character perspectives (Lilya or Jacob) each with their own choices and outcomes!
  • Original characters and illustrations
    • Each character has various poses and expressions to create a more realistic gameplay!
    • OVER TWELVE background scenes and  MORE THAN 16 CGs!
  • Player driven character development and additional in game relationship building.
    • Choose to build both romantic and non-romantic character interactions.
    • Pursue romance as either Lilya or Jacob!
  • The game also features an original soundtrack!!

Upon it’s release the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; but, there are plans to try and have the game greenlit for Steam! The tentative release date is set for Spring 2017! The Campaign Goal is $5,000 and the KS will run until December 10th, 2016!

There are download links for the PC version of the demo, HERE! The demo is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and includes chapter 1 (of 10 chapters total), so if you are still on the fence about the game or just want to see what the game has to offer give it a try.

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HEREand lend your support. There are still 19 days left for the campaign and every little bit helps! I can’t wait for the finished project when it is released. The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out!

You can also contact them on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

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