Last Week Today

Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Sept. 11th to Sept. 17th

Hello Heroes and Travelers, here we are at the end of another week here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! This week was one big obstacle after another, most of which were directly related to my recent job search. But, for every setback, there was a silverling. I’m being vague again, because I want to wait and see how some things play out before I say anything specific. However, I can share one tiny success… I turned in the final edits for the research paper and they were accepted!!


And how did I celebrate this momentous occasion? I went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby with a friend and I treated myself to some much needed rest!

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weekly blog recap

  1. My Lover is an Ice Cold Criminal: Astoria Fates Kiss- Hydra Season 2– I finally got around to playing Hydra’s season 2 stories and I loved it!! Voltage Entertainment USA continues to impress me, fans of Astoria Fate’s Kiss will fall in love with the mystery, suspense,
  2. My Last First Kiss: It’s A Date- Ichiya Misono– Here we are with my second attempt at an epilogue review to hold you guys over while I work on some main reviews. This story takes place immediately after the events of the Main Story and it focuses on the MC and Ichiya’s transition from “enemies” to lovers.
  3. My Top 5 Best Mobile Otome Games– This is second and final post of my Best and Worst Mobile Otoge post series! If you want to know what my picks for the Worst Mobile Otome Games were check out the first post, HERE. Like the title says, these are the best (in my opinion) mobile otome game out there, right now!
  4. Fangirl Moment: Stranger Things– For this week’s Fangirl Friday post, I decided to go with thee insanely addictive Netflix original series, Stranger Things. The series takes place in the 1980’s in a small town in Indiana and borrows several science fiction themes from the era.

Page Jumps: Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

weekly news recap

So, in case you missed them, here were the PokeNews announcements:

  • Pokemon Go will be adding a Pokemon buddy system to the mobile app in the near future!
  • The Pokemon Go Plus watch is now available for purchase!
  • With the Pokemon Sun and Moon release date (Nov. 18th) only a few months away, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo have been bombarding us with a ton of new reveals:
    • The timelines in both games will be slightly altered depending on which game you choose.
      • Pokemon Sun will follow the same time as your 3DS system, while Pokemon Moon will be set 12 hours after the set time on your 3DS system.
    • Certain Pokemon can unlock special ultimate attacks, called Z-Moves
    • Special Zygarde related in-game event that will unlock alternate Zygarde forms.
    • Ultra Beasts revealed!!
  • September Legendary Distribution Pokemon Victini is now available through Nintendo Wifi!!!
  • For US Pokemon Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter email subscription, be on the lookout for a serial code for Darkrai in the near future.

New This Week:

  • Chase: Cold Investigations will be coming to North American Nintendo eShop October 13 (thanks Mr. Panda for the tip)!!
  • There is a new online game from the developers behind the episodic visual novel, My Candy Love. The new game Eldarya is set to start up on September 12th!
  • The Queen’s Crown Kickstarter was fully funded on Sept. 12th, with 302 backers and $11,553!!
  • Shall We Date: Guard Me Sherlock is now available in the App Store and on Google Play!
  • Aeon Dream Studios just started a Kickstarter campaign for Mystic Destiniesd: Serendipity of Aeons- Deluxe Editionwhich you can check out, HERE!
  • Otome fans with a Playstation Plus membership can now download Amnesia: Memories for FREE throughout the month of September from the PSN Store!!!

Ongoing News:

  • Aeon Dream Studios released  Shinji’s Main Story for their game Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons.
    • Shinji’s route is 20% off on Steam for a limited time only.
  • Sake Visual’s Backstage Pass is now available for official download, HERE!
    • The game is $29.99 and can also be purchased through Steam, HERE!
  • Steins;Gate 0, sequel to the 2009 visual novel, Steins;Gate will be released in both Europe and North America for Playstation 4 and PS Vita on September 27th!

This Week’s Voltage Releases:

After School Affairs

  • Season 2: Kenzo His Dormitory  is now available for purchase!

Butler Until Midnight

  • Guarding My Mystress’ Heart special story is now available for purchase!!

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Kiryu’s Season 2 Season 2 Sequel: Seeds of Doubt in Love’s Garden & Sequel Epilogue: Seeds of Doubt in Love’s Garden story is now available for purchase!

Era of Samurai-Code of Love

  • Isamu Kondo: Hearts in Training &  POV are now available for purchase!!

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

  • Season 3.5 Scattered Cards Epilogue: Ota is now available for purchase!!

Love Letter from Thief X

  •  Three new sub-stories were released: Feels like a HoneymoonA Heartfelt ♡ Mission

My Forged Wedding

  • He’s The One Beginnings of Love & Bonds of Love vol.2 stories are now available for purchase!!

My Last First Kiss

  • Six Irresistible Brothers sub story is now available for purchase!!

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • Three’s a Crowd- His POV- Minato is now available for purchase!!

Star Crossed Myth

  • The Gods’ Secret Fantasies ~Sexy~ is now available for purchase!
    • Characters: Dui, Hue, and Teorus 

Voltage AmeMix Releases:

  • New AmeMix title Castaway: Love’s Adventure is finally OUT!! 
    • Clyde Hughs Lost Paradise 3 story is now available for purchase!
  • Astraeus Main Story 1 is now available in Astoria Fate’s Kiss!!
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Irving Monroe Season 2: Sinful Kiss Part 2 is now available for purchase in Gangsters in Love.

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I really want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. What do you think about this change? Do you guys like my posts? Is there something you think I should fix or add? Please feel free to let me know here in the comments section, or you can ask me anonymously on Tumblr (just let me know that you’re from WordPress)!

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the week ahead

Okay, so this week I’m doing things a little differently… Since I have been backed up due to the second round of edits on my research paper and Mystic Messenger playthroughs, I have yet to actually write anything this week. I have one MM post ready to go, but other than that… eh, nothin’. So, we’re gonna take a trip down memory lane a bit, and I’m just gonna wing it! 😛

  • Monday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Tuesday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Wednesday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Thursday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Friday: Shia surprise…. [Nothing Planned]

The new poll is: What Voltage Character Should I Play Next? An old poll with some new choices!! Let me know which Voltage guy I should review in October! The poll will be open until October 1st at 11:59PM!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

Blogger spotlight banner

Here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight four five interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week… This week, I couldn’t settle on just four posts, so I threw an extra Blogger Spotlight post just for you all!!

Do You Consider Yourself and Otaku? This is a short discussion post from Aniblogger, Arria Cross over at FujinseiThere are many terms used to distinguish a person as a fan anime, manga, and other forms of Japanese culture. But, more times than not words like, otaku, are surrounded by a degree of negativity. This is a fun, uplifting discussion post that attempts to erase some of that negativity, by encouraging us to tell our personal otaku stories!!

Mystic Messenger AKA Mystic MistakeMystic Messenger is the mobile app that has been dominating my timeline for some time now. This post comes from Minami over at Baked Potatoes. This is a short review of the mobile game that is taking the otome community by storm. This is an honest and fun review of the game and a must read for anyone still on the fence about playing MM!!

Watching My First Japanese Drama: Mischievous Kiss– I absolutely love Asian dramas! So when I saw that aniblogger Lita Kino from Lita Kino Anime Corner had started her first ever drama, I knew I had to include the post on this list! For her first ever drama, Lita decided to watch Mischievous Kiss and the resulting post is awesome! This a fun post written by someone new to the medium and it shows in the writing. This is a light-hearted and fresh post and I definitely recommend giving it a read!!

Honorifics: A Guide to Common Anime/Manga Lingo for Newbies This post comes from KimmieKawaii from Inner Thoughts of an IntrovertIt’s all in the title with this one, KimmieKawaii has compiled a comprehensive list of common Japanese honorifics. Each entry comes with a brief description and definition! This is a great resource for anime/manga fans both old and new!!

Lyn’s Adventures: Catching PokemonAnd rounding out this week’s blogger spotlight, is short post from LynLynSays over at Just Something About LynLyn. This just goes to show that there is no telling where a Pokemon Journey can lead… Follow LynLyn as they, take us on a journey around their community thanks to the Pokemon Go mobile app. This is an awesome post about a day well spent exploring!!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post! Be sure to check out some of the bloggers from this week’s Weekly Blogger Spotlight, and drop them a line! Strike up a conversation or make a new friend! Don’t be shy get out there and mingle!😉Also, don’t worry if your post wasn’t featured in this week’s post, keep writing and keep posting! I’ll keep my eye out!

See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Tell me what you think about my post? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Have an idea for a post? Shoot me a line in the comments section  or Ask Me anonymously on my Tumblr! Don’t be shy, I swear I don’t bite! I appreciate input and discussions from my readers so let your voice be heard…and finally, as always Thank You for reading!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead

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    • Thank you so much for including my post in your recap! I appreciate it! As always, your site is awesome and look forward to reading more posts from you in the future.

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      • Not at all, It was my pleasure! I really enjoyed reading your post, it’s a great resource and I’m sure it took a great deal of time to compile such an extensive list! I knew I just had to share it! 😀

        Thank you so much for reading, I’m really glad you like my blog and I look forward to chatting with you in the future! Please feel free to drop me a line anytime and I hope to see more awesome posts from you in the future too!!

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  1. Congrats on getting your edits approved~
    You’ve been a busy bee, plus no sleep thanks to MM, so you deserve a break! Have fun with it and recharge so you can return with more goodies ❤

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