If I were a Gym Leader: My Pokemon Gym-Pokemon Tag

2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon and since February the Pokemon Company has been pulling out all of the stops to set the world aflame with Pokemon fever. From the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon to the release of the Pokemon Go mobile app, this has been a good year for Pokemon fans (old and new)!

So if you guys will remember back to the 7/3-7/9 Last Week Today post’s Blogger Spotlight, I talked about Magnitude Reviews and their post Pokemon Sun and Moon: My Pokemon Gym. In that post they describe their ideal Pokemon Gym in great detail, from the design of the gym to the types of Pokemon they’d use. As a long time Pokemon fan I thought it was a very fun post… but what I didn’t know was that this was a tag post. So imagine my surprise, when I received a Twitter notification letting me know that I’d been tapped to make a post of my own. So, thank you Matt-in-the-Hat for tagging me!! XD You can read Matt’s post, My Pokemon Gym- Pokemon Tag, by clicking the link. 

The concept for this post came from youtuber Bird Keeper Toby, who made a video detailing what their Pokemon gym would be like if they were a Pokemon Gym Leader! So check out the video below:

Okay so now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I’d want my own Pokemon Gym to be like if I were a Pokemon Gym Leader!!

Typing and Placement

This is going to be a bit of a change for me as a Pokemon trainer… I have been a die hard Fire-type Pokemon lover since I started playing Pokemon a little more than 15 years ago, but recently I’ve taken a bit of a liking to Dark-type Pokemon. So, for my gym I’m going to go with Dark-type Pokemon. There is something alluring and mysterious about Dark-type Pokemon, and it’s a shame that they have such a bad reputation. If you read some of the Pokedex entries for Dark-type Pokemon you’ll see that words like sinister and evil are commonly used to describe them. Even their move pool is a little on the dark side with moves like Bite and Sucker Punch you can’t help but think that they’re a little evil. But, really Dark-type Pokemon are just misunderstood!

As for my placement, I had to think really hard about this one since there has never been a Dark-type gym in any of the main Pokemon games. However, there have been a few Dark-type Elite Four members. So in the end, I guess I’d choose to be the 8th Pokemon Gym!

Gym Design

This part really gave me a hard time, I played with a lot of different design ideas until I settled on this one… *drum roll* A Dark Forest! Since Dark-type Pokemon are so diverse, I felt a forest theme would work as a kind of catch all. I was thinking of a cross between the Ilex Forest from Gen II and IV and the hedge mazes in Pokemon X and Y….with mist! Lots and lots of mist!

Ilex Forest.png

Source: Bulbabedia

Upon entering the gym the player would find themselves in a dimly lit clearing. Framing the entrance to the main gym will be some ominous trees and two moss covered statues. The Gym Guide will stand next to the statues.

Like the entrance, the main gym will be dimly lit, with mist partially obscuring the players view (but not enough that you can’t see where you are going). Challengers will be stationed sporadically around the forest and will appear suddenly from behind trees. The player will have to make their way to the center of the gym where there is another clearing with a pond surrounded by trees.

Gym Guide and Entrance Item

The guy who guards the entrance would say something like, “H-hey, future Ch-champ! S-sorry, this place g-gives me the creeps! If you want to ch-challenge the gym leader, sh-she’s right through those trees… B-but I’m completely in the Dark about what’s in store for you! G-good luck.”

After his speech he runs out the front door, after defeating the gym leader he will apologize for being a coward and give you an Escape Rope.

Challengers and Their Teams

The only Trainer Classes that consistently use Dark-type Pokemon in battle are: Roughnecks, Delinquents/ Street Thugs, Bikers, and Trainers from Villainous organizations. After careful consideration, I figured that my gym would consist of Delinquents/ Street Thugs and Veterans. I added Veterans because they’re pretty versatile trainers and their designs are so cool!!

Since this is the last gym, there will be five challengers in total (Gen V had 6 challengers and Gen VI had 4 challengers in their respective final gyms)…

Trainer tag post

Gym Leader Design

As a gym leader I would probably wear a dark purple knee length dress with a black jacket and black chucks.

Gym Leader Speech

Before Battle:  (back turned)“It’s only in the darkest hour that our true strength is revealed, yet there are many that fear the very darkness that gave birth to their strength… (faces trainerSo, tell me Trainer, are you afraid of the dark?”

After Battle: “It seems you have learned to tame your fears… (turns away from trainer) Go, the Elite Four awaits.”

My Pokemon Team

I am terrible at competitive battling, so I ended up picking Pokemon that I liked…

team pokemon tag

Sprites from Bulbapedia


TM Move & Gym Badge

After the battle I will award the victorious trainer with the TM 01, Hone Claws, since it’s a Dark type move that raises Attack…. I figured it kind of goes along with the Gym Leader Speech from the beginning of the match.

badge design.png

Courage Badge

Finally, trainers that are successful at defeating me will receive a Courage Badge. Upon receiving the badge, not only will the trainer be eligible to challenge the Elite Four but all Dark-type moves will receive an added boost and all Pokemon (regardless of level or previous ownership) will obey the trainer.

Well that’s my idea for a Pokemon Gym and let me tell you this was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written… It’s a lot of hard work being a Gym Leader, so I think I’ll stick to being a regular Pokemon Trainer! Once again I want to thank Matt in the Hat for tagging me, and sorry it took so long to write up….

So I wanna hear from you all, if you were a Pokemon Gym Leader what type of gym would you be in charge of?

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and anyone else that wants to take a crack at the Challenge!!



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  1. Ooh, what a fun idea! I love your gym concept. I would make an arcade gym. The gym would be divided into several rooms, a platformer room where you have to jump on certain blocks and obstacles to find trainers. During the battle, there are special power-ups like mushrooms and fire flowers that change the Pokemon’s forms and attack power. After that would be a typical Zelda block puzzle room (which is also common in Pokemon), and when you solve the puzzles and fight the trainer in it, the Zelda “puzzle solve” jingle will play. Then, the next stop would be a fighting game room, where instead of a normal battle, the Pokemon engage in a Pokken Tournament. Finally, in the last room, where I, the gym leader, stand, trainers must engage in an escape the room, point-and-click style adventure. Upon beating it, they earn the right to face me in a battle where the Pokemon suddenly become 8-bit, until the “last Pokemon remaining” music plays and the Pokemon return to normal high-def.

    It’d be a psychic gym, of course, for no actual reason. Level will be dependent on where trainers are (sort of like how Pokemon Origins work), and I would use the following Pokemon:

    Alola Raichu

    I will give trainers the TM for Psyche Lock, in which through Pokemon, they can peer into another’s soul to see if they are telling the truth. Also, I’ll give them the Arcade Badge, which would look like an NES controller.

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    • That’s such a fun idea! I really like how you incorporated elements from other video games into your gym concept! I especially liked the 8-bit battle idea, kind of like a throwback to the original games.

      A NES badge would be so cool too! Thanks for sharing!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this gym idea and thanks for the shoutout. I do think Dark-type Pokemon are quite scary. Your gym sounds like a challenge. I also like you gym speech; it makes sound tough. Maybe I should bring out water Pokemon to fight your Dark Pokemon. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, this is amazing, props to you for doing all this!
    This was great to read, and really shows your personality ❤
    I think dark types being overlooked happens a lot, Umbreon is adorable btw!

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  4. Wow, this is SO cool! I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who loves Dark-type pokemon and even more to see my favorite one, Umbreon, on your team! A dark-type gym would really be hella awesome, especially in a forest; it’s such a shame that only the elite four have trainers who specialize in this type..
    Also, omg, I love Fire-type pokemon too! I wonder why, but I tend to love their designs most of the times. In fact, I think I’ve always picked the fire starter except for Tepig, cause’ I love Snivy.
    Great post!!

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    • Aww, thank you!! Yes! Dark types have some awesome designs! They’re so mysterious and sleek looking!

      I wish we could get a Dark type gym for real! They introduced them in Gen II, but we never got a gym… even Fairy types got a gym in X and Y!

      Fire is always my go to! Me too, I always pick Fire, except in Gen III, I picked Mudkip lol.

      What’s the running gag about Tepig? Cute enough not to eat? Or something like that… Snivy and it’s evolutions are so cool looking too!!

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