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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Aug. 7th to Aug. 13th

Hello Heroes and Travelers, here we are at the end of another week here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As most of you already know, August 11th was my 1 Year Blogiversary!! I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I started my blogging journey with you all and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me in the future! So, THANK YOU all for sticking it out with me while I got the hang of this blogging thing!


Oh, yeah… I was so caught up in the afterglow of my 1 Year Blogiversary, that I almost forgot to mention this, but I have glasses now! My eyesight has been kind of shaky for a little while now, nothing serious, just a bit fuzzy when I read to much. So, I went in for an eye exam and they prescribed reading glasses…

Megane Kuma.jpg

What do you think? Do they suit me?

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weekly blog recap

  1. [Full Game Review] English Otome-C14 Dating– A full game review of the newest Winter Wolves game, C14 Dating… Archaeology meets summer romance in this cute stats raising visual novel game!
  2. My Lover is a Mischievous God: Star Crossed Myth-Ichthys Review– A main story review for the resident Department of Punishments god, Ichthys from the Voltage Inc app Star Crossed Myth.
  3. My Lover is the Silent Swordsman of the Shinsengumi- Era of Samurai: Code of Love- Hajime Saito– A main story review for my favorite Shinsengumi captain, Hajime Saito! I absolutely adore this silent swordsman!!
  4. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero is 1 Years Old Today!!– August 11th was the 1 Year Anniversary for Nice Job Breaking It, Hero… cue mushy, heartfelt post! But, seriously, I am so happy to have reached such a momentous blogging milestone!! XD
  5. Fangirl Moment: The Little Prince– This is one of the most beautiful animated films I’ve seen in a long time! It made me feel things… *wipes lone tear*

Page Jumps:  Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

weekly news recap

So, in case you missed them, here were the PokeNews announcements:

  • New Pokemon Go Update…
    • Added Safety Notifications
    • Change in PokeRadar system from Nearby to Sightings
    • Driving Notification appears when players reach an unspecified max speed
    • ….and more bugs
  • With the Pokemon Sun and Moon release date (Nov. 18th) only three months away, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo have been bombarding us with a ton of new reveals:
    • Nintendo just revealed that in addition to a whole host of new Pokemon to discover and capture, trainers will also encounter a few Pokemon from previous generations as well, but with an added face lift… NEW Alolan Forms
      • Due to climate differences in Alola, some Pokemon have adapted alternate forms and typings!
  • August Legendary Distribution Pokemon, Arceus is now available through serial code distribution!!!
  • For Pokemon Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter email subscription, received a serial code for Mew, in case you missed the February Distribution.
    • The serial code is good until August 31st 2016!

New This Week:

  • All of our hard work paid off! Kenka Bancho Otome was the #1 pick in the recent Spike Chunsoft Twitter poll!!
  • spike chu resultWe finally have an official English release date for the upcoming sixth Ace Attorney game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Spirit of Justice and it’s…. September 8th, 2016!
  • Steins;Gate 0, sequel to the 2009 visual novel, Steins;Gate will be released in both Europe and North America for Playstation 4 and PS Vita on September 27th!
  • Aksys is going to localize Chase: Cold Case Investigations- Distant Memories for the Nintendo 3DS for release later this year!!
  • There is a new online game from the developers behind the episodic visual novel, My Candy Love. The new game Eldarya is set to start up on September 12th!
    • Interested players can now pre-register for the game, HERE.
  • The demo for the upcoming indie visual novel, Queen’s Crown is now available for download, HERE!

Ongoing News:

  • Pre-orders for Precatio’s upcoming project, Kokorogawari are now open, HERE.
    • You can either purchase the Standard Edition (just the game) for $20.00 or the Deluxe Edition (game+ soundtrack+ digital art book) for $30.00!!
  • Michaela Laws (creator of the Seduce Me series) is using her Patreon account to acquire funding for a new project titled, All For You! If your would like to pledge to the Patreon check,HERE.
  • Aksys Games is attempting to localize Hakuouki: Sweet School Life  in English, however Idea Factory needs a little convincing.
    • If you would like to see the game localized, let IF Japan know directly… contact links HERE(via English Otome Games)

This Week’s Voltage Releases:

The Voltage Inc. Fan Choice Awards are finally over and the results are in….

  • Scorpio from Star Crossed Myth dethroned former Campaign King Eisuke Ichinomiya by taking the NUMBER 1 spot in this year’s Contest!!!
  • If you want to see the rest of the results you’ll have to login to Sweet Cafe!

After School Affairs

  • Season 2: Hidetaka Dormitory for Adults is now available for purchase.

Butler Until Midnight

  • Season 2 Kyo’s Midnight Warmth story is now available for purchase.

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Fated Romance -A Foxy Butler!? special story is now available for purchase.

Era of Samurai-Code of Love

  • Hajime Saito’s Main Story and POV are now available for purchase.

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

  • Taisho Era Romance-Part 1 sub story is now available for purchase.
    • Characters: Soryu, Ota, and Luke

My Forged Wedding

  • Season 3 My Beloved Bride & Epilogue: Kunihiko is now available for purchase.

My Last First Kiss

  • Season 2 Sweet Memories: Takamune is now available for purchase.

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • Season 3 Epilogue-Two is Company: Minato is now available for purchase.

Scandal in the Spotlight

[No Updates]

Star Crossed Myth

  • Goddess for a Night ~Love’s Blessings~ special story is now available for purchase.
    • Characters: Scorpio, Teorus, Dui, Huedhaut

Voltage AmeMix Releases:

  • New AmeMix title announced: Castaway: Love’s Adventure! Check out the game’s webpage, HERE.
  • Cyprin’s Season 2 Main Story 2 is now available for purchase in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Yoshimitsu Valentine Season 2: Sinful Kiss Part 3 is now available for purchase in Gangsters in Love.

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog RecapHousekeeping, Week Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight


If you haven’t already noticed, I finally figured out how to add page jumps to my posts! So, expect more of those in the future (especially for longer reviews and posts).

I really want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. What do you think about this change? Do you guys like my posts? Is there something you think I should fix or add? Please feel free to let me know here in the comments section, or you can ask me anonymously on Tumblr (just let me know that you’re from WordPress)!

Page JumpsWeekly Blog Recap, Weekly News RecapWeek Ahead, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

the week ahead

Right now, I’m working on Norn9: Var Commons for the current That Game Club event and so far I’ve managed to finish Kakeru’s route… *shrugs* I’m in the middle of Senri’s route right now, which shouldn’t take me long to finish…so I won’t really have to much time for other games for a little bit… I’m going to try and squeeze some other games in between Norn9 playthroughs, but don’t expect much (I’m terrible at multitasking games)…  In the meantime, I have some more rainy day posts to keep you guys occupied while I play catch up with my Summer Blogging Plans list…

  • Monday: Another Individual Character review from the delightful Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship
  • Tuesday: Nothing
  • Wednesday: First Thoughts post for Norn9: Var Commons
  • Thursday: Nothing
  • Friday: If you have been anywhere near my Twitter, you’ll know exactly what this week’s Fangirl Friday, is about!😛

The new poll is: What topics should I write more aboutWhat kinds of posts do you want to see more of on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero? Let me know by voting! The poll will be open until August 27th at 11:59PM!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Weekly Blogger Spotlight

Blogger spotlight banner

Here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight four interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

A Subjective Flaw with Current-Age Pokemon Games– With all the recent hype surrounding Pokemon Go and the much anticipated 7th generation Pokemon games, Sun and Moon… It’s safe to say that 2016 is a good year for Pokemon fans, both old and new. Well this blogger is looking beyond the recent Pokemon hype, by taking an in depth look at the Pokemon series over the years. This is a very honest and thorough assessment of the series and as a long time fan there is a lot of truth to this post. I highly recommend giving it a read!

Eight Inspirational LGBTQ Anime Couples– So this isn’t a post that was written this past week, I actually found this post through the 4th  Fujinsei Carnival! In the wake of the Orlando Shootings, this blogger decided to express her support for the LGBTQ community by posting a list of the eight most inspirational LGBTQ anime couples. This is a powerful post that shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes and I highly recommend giving this post a read if you have the time!

Essential Watching: under the radar anime to binge on– Boy do I love a good anime recommendation list… well look no further! This blogger has compiled a list of some classic anime series that have flown under the radar in recent years. This is a solid list, and I highly recommend giving this post a read if you are looking for something to kill time during what’s left of the Summer.

TPAB’s Criteria for a Perfect Score– It’s all in the title with this one… In this post the author gives a run down of all of the important points they look at when reviewing an anime series. The author gives examples in the form of past reviews in order to highlight each point. I believe this is an excellent post to read if you have or ever plan on reviewing anything, not just anime!

Page Jumps: Weekly Blog Recap, Weekly News Recap, Housekeeping, Week Ahead

So here we are at the end of this week’s post! Be sure to check out some of the bloggers from this week’s Weekly Blogger Spotlight, and drop them a line! Strike up a conversation or make a new friend! Don’t be shy get out there and mingle!😉Also, don’t worry if your post wasn’t featured in this week’s post, keep writing and keep posting! I’ll keep my eye out!

See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Tell me what you think about my post? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Have an idea for a post? Shoot me a line in the comments section  or Ask Me anonymously on my Tumblr! Don’t be shy, I swear I don’t bite! I appreciate input and discussions from my readers so let your voice be heard…and finally, as always Thank You for reading!

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    • It was my pleasure, I really enjoyed reading your post! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more of your posts in the future.

      I’ll do my best to put out interesting posts in the future!😁


  1. Nice specs. Happy anniversary by the way. You are kicking my ass cos I have fewer followers and just got a notification saying that my blog is three years old.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’m still getting used to them so I don’t wear them as much as I should…lol

      Thank you so much!! Really? The number on the side is FB, Tumblr, Twitter, and WP combined so it just looks like more than it is 😛

      Waah, three years old!? Congratulations!! That is so awesome, I hope I will be blogging as long as you have! XD

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  2. Your teddy bear is still the CUTEST AAAH ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃
    JFC, this weeks post is hugeeee (☼Д☼)
    When I start trying to multitask games it means I’m abandoning the others to the dirt, because I tend to not come back since I won’t remember where I was left or what to do next when I return (@O@;)
    You’re starting your second year of blogging quite strongly, so you’ve got this (o’v`b)b

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    • Kuma is now the mascot for Nice Job Breaking It, Hero lol! 😀

      Really? It’s actually shorter than the rest lol

      Oh man, multitasking is the worst, so I hardly ever do it 😛

      Aww, thank you Cat!! You always have so many kind words for me!! *hugs*


      • A very well chosen mascot! (≧∇≦)/
        It’s because it was the first time seeing your blog/posts on a laptop, they look shorter in my tablet as I skimmed past xD
        Multitasking does me in @_@
        Aww, you too bb! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ /thight hug

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