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[News] Voltage Fans’ Choice Awards 2016

Edit (8/14): The Voltage Fan’s Choice Awards are now over and the votes have been tallied! For the results of the 2016 Fan’s Choice Awards be sure to check out the Sweet Cafe app for a full list of the winners! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero to keep up to date on future Voltage Sales, Deals, and Announcements! Also read my Last Week Today posts to find out about the weekly Otome/Visual Novel Releases, Funding Campaigns, and of course Sales!!

Voltage is at it again, this time they are hitting us with another Fan Choice Election Campaign!! For a limited time only, Voltage fans can now vote on their favorite Voltage Ikemen!!

fans' choice award

The Campaign Basics

The theme of this year’s campaign is Tanabata [The Star Festival]!! For those that don’t know Tanabata is a summer Japanese festival that centers around the folktale about two star crossed lovers. A popular custom of the festival involves individuals watching wishes on small bits of papers and attaching them to a bamboo shoot, a Wish Tree.

The Campaign will take place from July 26th to August 9th, during which time, 41 of Voltage’s hottest Ikemen will be vying for votes in order to secure the top spot as Voltage’s Most Popular character.

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How to Vote

In order to vote for your favorite Ikemen, fans must use ballots. Ballots can be obtained in one of three ways:

  1. By purchasing special Choice Awards stories from various Voltage Apps. All Choice Awards stories will be marked with a special symbol/logo.
  2. By purchasing ballots directly from the Sweet Cafe Ticket shop! The cheapest bundle is 3 Ballots for $1.99!
  3. By exchanging Sweet Cafe Tickets for Special Images that come with Ballots! The going exchange rate is 5 Ticket for 2 Ballots!

You don’t necessarily have to spend money on ballots, so, if you are willing to part with your precious Sweet Cafe Tickets or if you’re like me, and you have a couple of tickets that will expire at the end of the month… Vote away!! There are no limits to the number of votes fans can place, nor are there limitations on the number of characters fans can vote on.

Prizes and Rewards

Winner Prizes

  • Grand Prize: Special Movie for the guy in the #1 spot
  • 1st Place in Category: Special Image and message from the guys!
  • 1st-10th Place, 20th Place,30th Place, and 40th Place: Special Images and Icons for social media use.

Sweet Cafe Exclusive Prizes

  • If Takuto Hirukawa makes the TOP 10… Love Letter from Thief X will get NEW STORIES in September!!
  • If Kaito (Voltage’s mascot) gets 3,000 votes or more, he’ll receive a full sized sprite and an appearance in a special story!
  • If Namba makes the TOP 15… He will have his Main Story released in August!!
  • If the three participating My Sweet Bodyguard characters get a collective total vote count of 8,000… the app will receive a full release starting in October!!
  • And many more…

To be completely honest, this is yet another Voltage ploy to empty our wallets… but, some of these prizes (ie. the LLFTX new stories) definitely got me to vote, that and I had 30 Sweet Cafe Tickets expiring at the end of the month… Currently Eisuke is in the lead (surprise surprise…) like always, and I for one want to see him not win a poll for once, so get out there and vote!!

Are you excited about the poll? Who do you want to win?  Is your wallet crying from all the voting? Should I do more Otome News posts? What do you wanna see more of? Let me know on the comments below or on Twitter or Tumblr!

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