30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 14: An Anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it

Sometimes you come across an anime that no matter how many times you watch it just never gets old. You know, a show that you can watch five or more times and still find the characters and their stories fresh and exciting.

spongebob tv

I love this series, no matter how many times I re-watch this show it never gets old. Even after knowing how everything turns out, I still end up on the edge of my seat at every single time I watch it, because it is just that good! This is one of the few series that I wish was ongoing. So my pick for an anime that never gets old no matter how much I watch it is…


Before we get into this post I want to say that I have a rough outline of the topics for all of the posts in this challenge. So I can assure you all, this will be the last Cowboy Bebop post… now that that’s out of the way… I love this series!! I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this series over the years and it just never gets old! Every time I re-watch this series, I always manage to find something new about the characters and/or the story itself. This is one of those series that I believe all anime fans regardless of their anime preferences should watch! So if you haven’t seen this series, go watch it right now!

Cowboy Bebop which aired from 1998 to 1999, is a 26 episode critically acclaimed sci-fi anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The series follows a a group of bounty hunters as they traverse the galaxy on their ship, the Bebop, in search of their next bounty. Originally the crew consists Spike Spiegel, a Martian with a criminal past and Jet Black an ex-cop, but as the series progresses they add two (and a half) more to their crew. Faye Valentine, a sharp tongued fugitive bounty hunter, with no memory of her past and seemingly no aspirations for the future. Then there’s Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, or just Ed for short, an androgynous child hacker with an eccentric personality.  The final member of the Bebop crew is a super intelligent corgi, that Spike and Jet picked up after a botched job.

So what makes this series so memorable? Well… everything. This series has a dynamic cast of characters and a plot that frequently blurs genre labels to create a genre all it’s own. It’s a compelling story that covers a wide range of topics and themes, in a way that never feels rushed. Each story within the series is unfolds naturally and each story arc receives a fitting and satisfying conclusion. Despite coming out 18 years ago, Cowboy Bebop still manages to stand the test of time, giving even some of the best current series a run for their money.

In the series, music plays an integral role in the overall story of Cowboy Bebop. There were multiple times during production when the composer, Yoko Kanno’s music influenced the development of specific episodes and vice versa. Let me tell you, the soundtrack for this show is awesome-sauce! Then there is the voice cast, this is one of the few anime series out there where both the Japanese and the English voice casts are spot on. Heck, one might even argue that the English cast is better than the original Japanese cast…

This is one of those rare series that will appeal to just about everyone, whether they are a fan of anime or not! At its core, Cowboy Bebop is just a really good story, one that transcends labels and that is why this series has stood the test of time.

What do you guys think of my pick? Do you have a series that you have seen multiple times over the year that never seems to get old? What is it? Let me know in the comments section! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

25 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 14: An Anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it

      1. It’s only 6 episodes, but I can watch them again and again… And they’re making 2 new seasons of it for Adult Swim/Toonami, which is exciting!

  1. There’s always something to like about Cowboy Bebop, no matter what your taste~ Personally, I can never get into episodic series, but I was able to get through Cowboy Bebop just on the merits of the sound and animation. Good choice! I think Kill la Kill would be my pick, it has some episodic elements and it’s hella entertaining. It’s not my favorite of all time, but you don’t need too much prior context per episode to enjoy so it has good ‘pick it up anywhere and then go’ value.

  2. My series is Escaflowne, mostly because it’s the one I’ve rewatched 3-4 times now of my own volition. I suspect Daiya might be another, but we’ll see if I get the need to rewatch in a few years~
    I really must put Cowboy Bebop in my to watch list, if you regard it that highly +_+

    1. Escaflowne was one of those series that was so intense that I could only watch it once. I love the series, I just can’t for the life of me watch that show again… Great pick!

      Yes, you have to!!

      1. Really? Whenever I hear the OST I get in the funk of wanting to watch it again. I know it’ll deliver. But then I’m the person that watched Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira and Matthew some 10 times because I was very in love with him and knew it’d deliver XD
        I’ll…try, once I get in the mood ;_;

  3. Cowboy Bebop is just one of those timeless series that can never age. Nothing about it seems dated in any way, shape or form. It was ahead of its time then and even now is considered a standard that modern anime should aspire for.

  4. Hm, I’ve never been able to get into this, sorry, I know. Don’t stone me yet!! I watched it when I was just getting into anime, and there were other things out there that honestly was better suited for me. Like Wolf’s Rain and Escaflowne. I do want to give this another go though, and i hear that the dub is supposed to be fantastic too.

    And since you like it so much, I’ll have to make an effort to try it again! XD

    1. Waaaah, Cowboy Bebop is the best!! lol but it’s cool, to each their own. The dub is really good, one of the best dubs that I’ve heard!

      I liked both Wolf’s Rain and Escaflowne… I’m still confused about the ending of WR, after all these years! But still an amazing series! I love Escaflowne, but it’s one of those shows I can only watch once lol

      1. Haha WR was really a purgatory of sorts so the characters were reincarnated again and again destined to never find paradise (or break out of purgatory)
        Then I shall watch CB! XD
        And really? Haha why’s that?

      2. I see what you mean. I think that as disappointing as it was, the whole world of Gaea symbolized her growth as a character. If she remained in his world at the end, she hadn’t become her own person capable of deciding her fate (which was the main villain’s goal-to change fate). So despite how I really wanted them to at least kiss or smt, just like with Spirited Away, Hitomi needed to take a step on her own. Love only helped her grow and gave her that final push.

      3. Yeah I know, but I was so frustrated that I was set up like that lol.

        I loved the series, it had something for everyone!

      4. Definitely! I was so mad when it ended too lol but I grew to accept it. As much as I love my romance and OTPs I think it was actually a good lesson. Bc if we have all these anime and games and stories about women only becoming truly happy when a man accepts her love, that’s a little messed up. SUre, love is something we all desire but if you look at the majority of fiction for men, women aren’t always there to reciprocate their feelings: it’s either sex or a validation for them to see that they’re “men.” Ugh sorry I hope this doesn’t sound like some feminist rant or anything lol but I did want Hitomi and Van to stay together but at the same time I ended up respecting Hitom’s decision that love wasn’t what she needed to make her happy. Bc eventually she’d want something else.

      5. Oh no not at all! I totally agree with you, too much validation through love in anime will seriously warp people’s perceptions.

  5. Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime. I think it’s one of the few anime with a good English Dub and it can also be recommended to American audience along with Dragonball Z, Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

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