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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Jun. 19th to Jun. 25th

Hello Heroes and Travelers, here we are at the end of another week here on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! This has been a pretty slow week for me… Like super duper slow… I had zero motivation to do anything, so I spent the week binge watching The Incredible Hulk television series on Netflix…


I also found out that I will not be starting my summer job on Monday, instead I have to wait another week… something about paperwork delays… So, I will have one final week of summer left before I have to get my act together and do that adulting thing.

weekly blog recap

So in case you missed them, these are the posts that showed up on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero this week!

  1. My Lover is the Demon Deputy of the Shinsengumi-Era of Samurai: Code of Love-Toshizo HijikataToshizo Hijikata is the terrifying right hand man and friend of Shinsengumi leader Isami Kondo. His cold stare and commanding battle prowess have earned him the nickname Demon Deputy among the Shinsengumi men. He is a man of honor an dignity, willing to do whatever it takes for the Shinsengumi, even if it means sacrificing something he holds dear.
  2. My Lover is the Master Swordsman of the Shinsengumi-Era of Samurai: Code of Love- Soji OkitaAs the infamous wolf of the Shinsengumi, Soji Okita’s mastery of the sword is second to none, making him a valuable asset to the Shinsengumi and their cause. But, his skill with the blade has earned a reputation as a bloodthirsty and vicious man, his name synonymous with unrestrained brutality. But, there is more to this savage swordsman than meets the eye…
  3. My Lover is an Apathetic God: Star Crossed Myth- Aigonorus ReviewAignorous is the god of Capricorn, the guy who’s just too lazy to be bothered with…anything. As if his bedroom eyes and permanent bed head, weren’t enough indication that this guy isn’t the most vigorous god of the zodiac. I know I say this every time, but I was not expecting to like Aigonorus as much as I did, especially after someone on Tumblr compared him to Sasuke Uchiha! I was worried I’d been too hasty in buying this route, but after playing through it, I can safely say that he is most definitely nothing like Sasuke.
  4. My Top Ten Favorite AMVsSo the other day while going through my favorite Youtube videos, I stumbled upon a few old AMVs and before I knew it I’d lost five hours of my life. I literally spent five hours watching AMVs, so I decided that you guys needed to suffer with me, so I compiled a list of my favorites.
  5. Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors- Game ReviewNine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors or 999 released in Japan as Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no Tobira is a 2009 Nintendo DS single-player adventure, puzzle visual novel developed by Chunsoft. The game was published by Spike in Japan and Aksys in North America. After the release of sequel game Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward999 was re-released as Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
  6. Fangirl Moment: Steven UniverseSteven Universe, is an American cartoon series that  follows a young boy who lives out his days in the fictional town of Beach City with his father and three alien warriors called the Crystal Gems. At the beginning of the show there were only four Gems; Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and the deceased leader Rose Quartz. These warriors are immortal beings that use their core gemstones to project humanoid forms and protect the Earth from various threats.

weekly news recap

So, in case you missed them, here were the PokeNews announcements for the week:

  • Pokemon GO finally has a release date! The free to play mobile game will be available some time in July. Players can purchase Pokemon Go Plus devices ($34.99 USD) that will allow players to use the app without having to constantly pull out their phones.
  • The release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon is November 18th 2016 (Nov.23rd for Europe)!
  • The June Manaphy Distribution is now over! Check back on July 1st for the next Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Distribution Event Pokemon!
  • For Pokemon Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter email subscription, received a serial code for Mew, in case you missed the February Distribution. The serial code is good until August 31st 2016!

New This Week:

  • The Annual Steam Sale is a GO, until July 4th!! 
    • Tons of games are on sale, including otome games (Amnesia, Men of Yoshiwara 1 and 2, etc)
  • Upcoming otoge, Caramel Mokaccino was fully funded on Kickstarter!
  • Men of Yoshiwara-Ohgiya is now available for IOS and Android as FR: The Rosy Script

Ongoing News:

  • Indiegogo Campaign for upcoming otome game, Princess of Desire is now live, HERE.
    • Alpha Demo is available for download, HERE.
  • Mobile Otome, Love Triangle With Hot Roomies is now available for purchase in the App Store.
  • Haikyuu doujin game, Cat’s Cradle is in production, for more information check Tumblr orLemmaSoft.
  • Check out this upcoming otome game, Heart of Thorns, HERE. The final game will be released in Spanish, English, and maybe Japanese.
  • Shall We Date: Ninja Shadow is now available for Download in the App Store and on Google Play.
  • The demo for Zeiva Inc’s upcoming game AniCon- Animal Complex  is now available for Kad the Cat! Zeiva is also excepting pre-orders for the Cat Path, which comes with a 20 page Digital Artbook, for only $8.00!!
  • Mystic Messanger special VIP goods package pre-orders are now available for purchase,HERE.
  • For fans of the Zero Escape series (999 and Virtue’s Last Reward) the final game: Zero Time Dilemma, will be released on June 28th 2016!!!
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Spirit of Justice, featuring both Phoenix and Apollo, will be coming to the West in September 2016! I will keep ya’ll posted on that in the coming months.
  • Check out the production blog/site for upcoming otoge, Dark Nights. The game will be free to play, but donations are appreciated, HERE.

This Week’s Voltage Releases:

After School Affairs

  • Class Trip Secrets~Study Camp~ is now available.
    • Rikiya, Hidetaka, and Kiyonori only
  • Class Trip Secrets ~Study Retreat~ is now available for purchase.
    • Shinichi and Kenzo

Butler Until Midnight

  • Aoi’s Season 2: Midnight Warmth is now available for purchase.

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Samon Season 2 Sequel: Seeds of Doubt in Love’s Garden now available for purchase!
  • Fated Romance -The Weight of Love Special Story is now available for purchase.

Era of Samurai-Code of Love

  • 100 Free coins for every person who downloads the app in June!
  • Soji Okita’s POV story is now available for purchase!
  • Physical Examination Special Story now available for purchase
    • All 5 Shinsengumi members available
  • Wanton Amusement- Hijikata story is now available for purchase.

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

  • Sweet Situation Sub story is now available for purchase.
    • Ota and Mamoru

My Forged Wedding

  • Takamasa Saeki’s Main Story POV story is now available for purchase.
  • Kunihiko Main Story POV is now available for purchase.

My Last First Kiss

  • Riku’s A Kiss to Remember and Sweet Memories Sub Stories are now available for purchase.

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • My Share House Crush sub story is now available.
    • All seven guys
  • Season 3 Sequel Three’s a Crowd- Minato is now available for purchase

Scandal in the Spotlight

  • Early Summer SALE on all  Season 1 and 2 stories from 6/10-6/30!!
    • Kota and Nagito (until 6/30 JST)
  • Sweet Scandal Special Story is now available for purchase.
    • All five Revance members

Star Crossed Myth

  • Huedhaut’s Post-Party Passion Sub Story  is now available for purchase!

Voltage AmeMix Releases:

  • Hades’s Season 3 Main Story 1 is now available for purchase in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Burst with Pride Sub Story now available in Astoria Fates Kiss
    • Medusa and Cyprin
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Love’s Most Wanted: Irving vs. Ash Sub Story is now available for purchase in Gangsters in Love.
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.


There may not have been any new updates on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero this week… But, I really want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. Do you guys like my posts? Is there something you think I should fix or add? Please feel free to let me know here in the comments section, or you can ask me anonymously on Tumblr (just let me know that you’re from WordPress)!

the week ahead

I realized that I don’t really have any posts scheduled for this week…I spent the week slacking off and pushing everything off until the last minute. I do have some reviews in the works, but whether or not I’ll have them done in time to post this week is kind of up in the air… But, I do have one review that’s been sitting in my drafts for awhile…

  • Monday: A mini review of the PSP game, Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
  • Tuesday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Wednesday: [Nothing Planned]
  • Thursday: A special announcement post!
  • Friday: So for Fangirl Friday, I will cover an awesome animated American TV series from the 80’s, so look forward to that! In addition to the usual Fangirl Moments post I will release the July Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Pokemon Distribution post and an additional top secret post!
  • Saturday: I will release another top secret special post!

This week’s poll is the same as last week: When do you typically read game reviews?  Since this is a gaming blog, I was curious about when you guys read my reviews…and thus this poll was born!! Let me know by voting! The poll will be open until June 30th at 11:59PM!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Blogger spotlight banner

Here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight five interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

Accepting criticism, or how to handle the opinion of the internet like an adult– When I read this post last Sunday, I knew I had to add it to my Blogger Spotlight! This post covers a very important topic and I believe it is something that all bloggers need to read! Everyone knows that when you post anything on the internet that you are opening yourself up to criticism, sometimes it’s constructive…. other times not so much. But, what’s more important than the actual criticism (be it good or bad) is how you as the writer deals with it, and this blogger covers just that!

Characters of Color in Anime– As a woman of color, I have a hard enough time finding characters that look like me on TV and in movies as it is… but when you add anime to the mix, the number of POC characters drops significantly. So, when I saw this post in my reader, I did a little whoop for joy! So much melanin in one place does the heart good, plus it’s nice to see a little diversity in my anime. This blogger compiled a list of their favorite characters of color in anime, this post is a must read!

Get the Holy Water It’s ‘The Conjuring 2’: Freaky Fridays– I know I am late, but I literally just saw this movie on Thursday, and it was hilarious! Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s creepy moments, but for the most part my friends and I laughed our way through the entire movie. That aside, this is a very honest and informative review of the film by fellow blogger, Two Happy Cats! This review is a must read for fans of James Wan and his special brand of horror.

NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: The Nice Landers are the Real Villains– This post…spoke to me on so many levels! Anyone who has seen Disney’s Wreck It Ralph knows that being a Bad Guy doesn’t make you a bad guy, but what about the Good Guys? Does the same principle apply to them too? Well this blogger proposes that the Nice Landers are the true villains of the film, and I wholeheartedly agree! This is another fun post from a great blogger!

The Best Sports Manga?– Since I was recently coaxed back into the world of sports anime, I thought it was only fitting to include a post on the topic! This blogger took the time to compile a list of some of their favorite sports manga, so if your looking for your sports fix between seasons this list is a must read!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post! Be sure to check out some of the bloggers from this week’s Weekly Blogger Spotlight, and drop them a line! Strike up a conversation or make a new friend! Don’t be shy get out there and mingle!😉 Also, don’t worry if your post wasn’t featured in this week’s post, keep writing and keep posting! I’ll keep my eye out!

See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Tell me what you think about my post? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Have an idea for a post? Shoot me a line in the comments section  or Ask Me anonymously on my Tumblr! Don’t be shy, I swear I don’t bite! I appreciate input and discussions from my readers so let your voice be heard…and finally, as always Thank You for reading!

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    • It was my pleasure!

      Ah well something like that happened when I saw the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark remake….some guys decided to make skittering noises like the creatures in the film….scared the crap out of me…. but its funny in hindsight…

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  1. Nice to see some love for sports and that you’re liking your travelings through the genre ~(^◇^)/
    Looking forward to your Sweet Fuse mini review aaah~~

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      • (* ̄(エ) ̄*)( ˘ ³˘)❤
        That’s me whenever you say I dragged you into Daiya Hell, I feel super accomplished (*^3^)/~♡

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