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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Jun. 5th to Jun. 11th

Hello fellow Heroes and Travelers, here we are at the end of another week! It has been two weeks since the last Last Week Today post, and in that time I have been busy working on more reviews and posts for you guys to enjoy! The gaming club that I’m in with fellow bloggers Cas, Anny, and Cat is now officially running a separate blog and now recruiting new members!! So If you’re interested let us know, HERE! On top of that I have been finalizing the paperwork for my new job, which I will be starting later on this month. So in the meantime I plan on charging full steam ahead as I continue to hack away at my massive backlog!

kirito 2.gif

I know I’m late, but I saw X-men Apocalypse on Thursday and it was awesome, I dunno what the critics were watching, but it was a solid movie! I can’t wait to see what they do with the franchise after this! In other news, fellow blogger, Mr. Panda nominated me for a Liebster Award this week! I was so surprised and happy to have been nominated by such an awesome blogger, so I want take the time to say, THANK YOU, again. Mr, Panda is a really amazing blogger and a joy to chat with, so if you haven’t already check out his blog it’s one of the best!

weekly blog recap

So in case you missed them, these are the posts that showed up on Nice Job Breaking It, Hero this week!

*So since I didn’t do this last week I will include posts from this week and last week*

  1. PokeNews: Manaphy Distribution-We are now five months into the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Pokemon Release Event! We’ve got four legendary Pokemon under our belts already, but it’s time to spring forward with another legendary from the Fourth Generation of Pokemon games, with June’s Manaphy release!
  2. [Update] Jobs, Game Clubs, and Blogging– It’s all in the title with this one… Just a few updates from the past week and some insight into what I was doing during my week long hiatus from blogging.
  3. Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship-Kei Toyonaga– This was possibly the worst otoge guy in the history of otoge love interests! Kei Toyonaga is a veteran actor with a bit of a wicked streak. When I started this game I was optimistic, at first Kei would vacillate between being a complete jerk and being a giant tease. What I got was a story that made me sick to my stomach.
  4. [Sub Story] Astoria Fates Kiss- Private Lies– So this is a special post just for you guys, before I dive into Hydra’s Season 2 stories! So, instead of a full blown review, I’m going to cover Hydra’s first sub story, Private Lies. This story takes place shortly after the events of Hydra’s season one main stories and essentially takes the place of a typical epilogue.
  5. So I’ve Kinda Been Nominated for a Liebster Award– So after I got home from seeing X-men Apocalypse, I saw that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow blogger, Mr. Panda and I can’t thank him enough for the nomination! For the award I had to answer 11 questions and nominate 11 bloggers, check out the post and see what my answers were and who I nominated!
  6. [Full Game Review] English Otome- Seduce Me 2: The Demon War– Finally…I was finally able to finish this game, and boy am I glad that I did! In this sequel, Mika Anderson finds herself torn away from her incubus lover just before their wedding and thrown into the Abyssal Plains. However, not all is well in the Demon World, after the events of the first game, civil war is at hand and Mika finds safety in the most unlikeliest of places. An old foe becomes ally as the war that will decide the fate of the Demon World takes center stage.
  7. Fangirl Moment: Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart– Have you ever watched something so strange and confusing that you couldn’t help but fall in love with it’s awkwardness? Well that’s what happened when I first watched the animated film, Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. It was a surreal musical experience that I simply won’t soon forget, and I’ll admit I teared up at the end too.

weekly news recap

So, in case you missed it, here were the PokeNews announcements for the week:

  • On June 2nd the Pokemon Company made another special announcement about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. This time more details about the Alola region and the new Rotom Pokedex were revealed!
  • The North American Beta for Pokemon GO is now underway.
  • The release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon is November 18th 2016 (Nov.23rd for Europe)
  • The June Manaphy Distribution is underway until June 24th 2016, through Nintendo WiFi Distribution (Mystery Gift) in Pokemen X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
  • For Pokemon Trainers with a Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter email subscription, received a serial code for Mew, in case you missed the February Distribution. The serial code is good until August 31st 2016!

New This Week:

  • The demo for Zeiva Inc’s upcoming game AniCon- Animal Complex  is now available for Kad the Cat! Zeiva is also excepting pre-orders for the Cat Path, which comes with a 20 page Digital Artbook, for only $8.00!!
  • Mystic Messanger special VIP goods package pre-orders are now available for purchase, HERE.
  • Nintendo DS game, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (aka 999) will be coming to Steam!
  • Free to play game by Abracadabra, Beloved Midnight is now available in Google Play.

Ongoing News:

  • English Otome game, Seduce Me 2: Demon War, is available for purchase, if enough copies of the game are sold, Michaela Laws’s father will live stream the game on Twitch! The game can be purchased HERE for ONLY $10 on or on Steam!!
  • Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, the Tatsuya Main Story is available for purchase on Steam!!
  • Upcoming otoge, Caramel Mokaccino was fully funded on Kickstarter! But, AppleCider still needs your support reaching their stretch goals, show your support, HERE.
  • For fans of the Zero Escape series (999 and Virtue’s Last Reward) the final game: Zero Time Dilemma, will be released on June 28th 2016!!!
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Spirit of Justice, featuring both Phoenix and Apollo, will be coming to the West in September 2016! I will keep ya’ll posted on that in the coming months.
  • Check out the production blog/site for upcoming otoge, Dark Nights. The game will be free to play, but donations are appreciated, HERE.

This Week’s Voltage Releases:

After School Affairs

  • Bodies Entwined stories are now available for purchase for all five guys.
    • All stories are voiced!
  • Class Trip Secrets~Adults Only~ is now available.
    • Kenzo and Rikiya only.

Butler Until Midnight

  • Yuma’s Season 2: Afternoon Temptation is now available for purchase.

Enchanted in the Moonlight

  • Kiryu’s Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, and Sequel POV stories are now available for purchase.

Era of Samurai-Code of Love

  • Voltage Inc.’s newest app, Era of Samurai- Code of Love is now available for purchase!
    • Toshizo Hijikata’s Main Story and POV are now available for purchase!
    • The game utilizes a new coin based purchase system in addition to the traditional method (check the app for details)

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

  • Hikaru Aihara’s Main story is now available for purchase.

My Forged Wedding

  • Tamaki’s Season 2 Wedding Bells  and Epilogue stories are now available for purchase.

My Last First Kiss

  • Takamune’s Season 2 Living Together+ End Set are now available for purchase.

Our Two Bedroom Story

  • After School Date sub story is now available.
    • Only for Shusei, Tsugumu, and Minato

Scandal in the Spotlight

  • Early Summer SALE on all  Season 1 and 2 stories from 6/10-6/30!!
  • Taka’s Our Secret Wedding Song- Roman Holiday sub story is now available for purchase.

Star Crossed Myth

  • Huedhaut’s Season 2 Musings of Love story is now available for purchase.
  • A Divine Trip for Two-Punishments- is now available for purchase.

Voltage AmeMix Releases:

  • Medusa’s Season 3 All Main Stories are now available for purchase in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Main Story 3 for Aurora James is now available for purchase in Gangsters in Love.
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.


  1. I added a tab for the Game Club that links directly to the club’s main blog, so you guys can get to it from here.
  2. I created sub headings for the Fangirl Moment tab, by topic (ie. Anime, Manga, etc) so that you guys can find the posts that you want no problem. I did not separate out the BL stuff, because that seemed like overkill. However you can still get to the Fangirl Moment Master list by simply clicking the Fangirl Moments on the top menu.
  3. Finally, I made the Rants tab a sub heading of the Ramblings tab.

I really want to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. What do you think about this change? Would you guys prefer, I continue doing individual reviews for non mobile games? Do you guys like my posts? Is there something you think I should fix or add? Please feel free to let me know here in the comments section, or you can ask me anonymously on Tumblr (just let me know that you’re from WordPress)!

the week ahead

I am finally done with Seduce Me 2, so I can finally cross that off my Summer Plans list! I’ve also been hacking away at my Voltage backlog, I’m tackling the most recent releases first and working my way backwards from there so expect a whole bunch of those in the coming weeks! I’m also going to pick up 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward soon, so expect those to be the next “major” game reviews for now. I am finally in a comfortable place with Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! I have a nice cushy layer of reviews set up for the next two weeks, but I am still working on reviews! I want to get as much done now, while I have free time, because I’ll be starting my job at the end of June.

I also have something really special planned for Nice Job Breaking It, Hero in July that I’ve been cooking up! I don’t want to reveal much, but it will take place for the entire month of July starting on July 1st. But, rest assured I will announce more specific details on June 30th so be on the look out for that at the end of the month!

So, on to this week’s posts: Since, I’m finally done with Seduce Me 2, I’m dubbing this week Voltage Inc Week!

  • Monday: Kicking the week off is my First Thoughts: Bad Boys Do It Better!
  • Tuesday: I will start the Individual Reviews with the aloof delenquent Rei Todo.
  • Wednesday:  Will be the arrogant delinquent Ryoji Ryukai.
  • Thursday: We’ll take a break from Voltage with a Throwback Thursday post, Top Ten Generation 3 Pokemon list.
  • Friday: So for Fangirl Friday, I will cover another BL manga, so look forward to that!
  • Saturday: I will cover one more route in Bad Boys Do It Better, the stoic delinquent Keiichiro Minase.

…and maybe one or two other reviews too, but that depends on how fast I can write them and how I feel… I may hold them back another week…

This week’s poll is the same as last week: When do you typically read game reviews?  Since this is a gaming blog, I was curious about when you guys read my reviews…and thus this poll was born!! Let me know by voting! The poll will be open until next Saturday at 11:59PM!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Blogger spotlight banner

Here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight five interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week… However, since I did not have a Blogger Spotlight last week, I will include posts from the past two weeks in this post and add an additional blogger for this week only!

Updated: Taisho x Alice to Be Localized So, I am super late in sharing this and I’m pretty sure that most of you have already read this…but, I’m sharing it anyway! This blogger took the time to research and compile all of the facts about the whole E2 Taisho x Alice translation fiasco! From screencaps of the Facebook Announcements to correspondents between gamers and E2, this post has all of the bases covered!

Poni-Patchet wants to hear your thoughts on OZMAFIA!– Well now that the hype has died down a bit from the release of OZMAFIA back in April, Poni-Patchet wants to hear from you! What did you think of the game? Any improvements? Drop them a line and them them know how you feel! Special thanks to blogger, Leafy for posting this announcement!

Of Mechs and Men I tend to be very picky with the types of anime I choose to watch, and to be honest I usually avoid mecha like the plague! So when I stumbled upon this post through Arria Cross’s 3rd Fujinsei Carnival, I was not expecting to be swayed into actually watching a mecha anime. But, this blogger did it, their excitement and passion for the Gundam series really shines in this wonderful post! It’ll make you want to start watching the series that very minute!

Don’t go hatin’ on my Shoujos!–  This is a very fun and personal post about one blogger’s love of “shoujo” anime. This blogger does a very thorough job of defining the genre and what it is about shoujo anime that appeal to both males and females. I enjoyed this post, and I think you all will too… I highly recommend giving this post a read if you have the time!

The Exhibition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon– As if my desire to go to Japan wasn’t already at an unsafe level, I just found out that there was a Sailor Moon Exhibit! This blogger shares their recent trip to the exhibit with loads of pictures and some fun commentary! Definitely a must read for fans of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

Mayoiga: The village that should have stayed lost– If the title alone doesn’t draw you in, then the review will! This blogger gives a very honest review of the anime Mayoiga (The Lost Village). While the show may not have been this blogger’s favorite, they do manage to give a fair assessment of the show, making this post a must read!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post! Be sure to check out some of the bloggers from this week’s Weekly Blogger Spotlight, drop them a line! Strike up a conversation or make a new friend! Don’t be shy get out there and mingle!😉 Also, don’t worry if your post wasn’t featured in this week’s post, keep writing and keep posting! I’ll keep my eye out!

See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Tell me what you think about my post? Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Have an idea for a post? Shoot me a line in the comments section  or Ask Me anonymously on my Tumblr! Don’t be shy, I swear I don’t bite! I appreciate input and discussions from my readers so let your voice be heard…and finally, as always Thank You for reading!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out :D! I’m so glad you liked the review – it was worth watching all those episodes for 😛 For your fan girl moment – have you read any BL by Suzuki Tsuta :)? Tsuta’s manga are always so romantic 😀 But yeah I love the layout of your blog – and your fangirl moments – they’re always really interesting to read!

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  2. The X-Men reviews are so mixed. One of my friends saw the film and he was raving about it. The posts from online critics that I have read have been lukewarm however.

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  3. I definitely want to watch Xmen apocalypse aaaah
    I’m just sad I heard Jubilee doesn’t enter much, and I always loved her ;_;
    Nice post as always, you rock ❤

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