Last Week Today

Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Apr.24th to Apr. 30th

I’m done…I’m finally done with graduate school… My last day of class was Wednesday, and there is just one open book, online final standing between me and my diploma! I don’t know whether I should celebrate, collapse in a heap and hibernate for a few weeks, or stare numbly at the wall in disbelief… But, I am done! This has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating experiences of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I really can’t wait to get my diploma and start the next phase of my life!!! So how are you guys dealing with finals? Anyone else graduating? Or do you have a long way to go?


Get it, I’m free and this is a Free gif…

Okay, so do you guys remember my Big Graduation Project? Well if you don’t here’s a refresher… Since January, I have been working on a huge research paper looking at injury rates among adolescents…This paper has been a pain in the ass, but we are finally done with it! So why is this important? Well we (my group and I) just submitted our paper for publication in a scientific journal… and guess who’s the first author… it’s Me! So this is both a gift and a curse. Being first author comes with some nifty perks (bragging rights mostly), but I’m also the one responsible for fixing all the problems that the journal might find with the paper during review…So more work! Yay!

weekly blog recap

  1. My Top 10 Favorite Generation One Pokemon– Pokemon is a huge nostalgia trip for me. So in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, I will be releasing a Top 10 Favorite Pokemon list for each generation of Pokemon. So lets channel my inner child as we travel through time back to the Kanto region! Back then, there were only 150 Pokemon, and for this list I’m going to choose just 10 of them…
  2. Let’s Show our Support for Monstrous Lovers a Supernatural Boys’ Love Visual Novel So here’s another upcoming BL visual novel for all of my BL/Yaoi fans out there…In a world where good BL games are still few and far between comes a BL visual novel with BITE!  Monstrous Lovers is an upcoming Spanish/English PC BL visual novel by Man-Eater Games. There is still a whole month  left, so PLEASE check out the Indiegogo campaign, HEREand lend your support.
  3. Top 5 “Worst” Voltage Inc GamesVoltage Inc has certainly come up with so many amazing games, but, there are some that just don’t quite hit the mark. I don’t hate them per se, they’re just not the best. So this isn’t so much a list of games that I hate, but more a list of games that could be better. These games are on here because of my feelings about the entire game, and in no way a reflection of the individual characters in the game.
  4. Voltage Inc.’s “New” Fair Use and Terms of Use– Another Voltage induced Tumblr Panic! Earlier this week, Voltage released their updated Fair Use Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, which was immediately met with a huge backlash. Voltage has since clarified some of the more unsavory bits, but the damage has been done…
  5. Fangirl Moment: Lie to Me This K-drama shows that sometimes a little white lie can lead to some really big trouble. The drama follows a civil servant, Gong Ah-jung (played by Yoon Eun-hye), as she lies her way into a fake marriage with the handsome and rich, Hyun Ki-joon (played by the dreamy Kang Ji-hwan). I love this drama! It was one of the first K-dramas I ever watched and I still find myself going back to it from time to time. In typical rom-com fashion, the plot is over the top and the character antics are ridiculous, but I can’t help but love every minute of it!

weekly news recap

  • The Indiegogo campaign for BL visual novel Monstrous Lovers, has been EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 24th, show your support, HERE.
  • The English release of OZMAFIA!! is finally out, purchase the game HERE!
  • Steam is having it’s second Anime Sale! A few otoge are among the sale items, and for a limited time Amnesia: Memories is on sale for just under $5.
  • PlayStation Store Golden Week Sale, up to 50 percent off Japan-inspired games and movies. PlayStation Plus members receive up to 75 percent off.

As always Voltage was really pumping out the stories this week:

  • In After School Affairs, Kiyonori’s Secret and Hidetaka’s Secret are now Available.
  • In My Last First Kiss, The Jealous Boyfriend: Hiroki special story is now available for purchase.
  • Ota Kisaki’s Proposal Epilogue is now available for purchase in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.
  • Three Is A Crowd: Kaoru POV is now available for purchase in Our Two Bedroom Story.
  • Yamoto and Ren’s Season 1 POV stories are now available for purchase in My Forged Wedding.
  • All Main Story 1 for Ash Winters is now available for purchase in Gangsters in Love.
  • All characters Season 1 stories are available for purchase as Bundles (20% off) in Astoria Fates Kiss.
  • Main Story, POV  and Epilogue stories are  available for Kiryu in Enchanted in the Moonlight.
  • Sub Stories for Samon and Kyoga, are available for purchase in Enchanted in the Moonlight.
  • The King’s Secret Correspondence is now available for purchase in Star Crossed Myth.


I dunno if you can hear me, or if your even there… Sorry I watched a lot of Disney this week and I have some of the songs stuck in my head…*ahem* So, I dunno if you guys noticed but I updated the blog again last week, by changing the theme. This week I changed some of the titles of my sidebar widgets to reflect RPG/Hero Quest games…I think they’re equal parts pun and equal parts clever…What do ya’ll think? Is it confusing? Or does the whole thing work?

Also, do you guys have any suggestions for Fangirl post topics? Let me know in the comments section, please.

I have taken to Live Blogging my playthroughs of games over on my tumblr, if you ever want to know what my next review is, tumblr is the best way to find out. My posts always give me away. Currently I am live blogging my playthroughs of the DRAMAtical Murder common route and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney under the #Now Playing DMMd and #Now Playing Ace Attorney respectively, so take a look if you feel so inclined.

I am extending the poll for another week…

the week ahead

So now that school is done for me, I will now have more time to catch up on my backlog, so expect my  Current Quests section of the sidebar to change more frequently. I am currently in the middle of Noiz’s route in DMMd, which I should complete soon, then Mink, Clear, and finally Ren! When I am done with DMMd I will hit War: Valentine’s Edition, OZMAFIA, and random Voltage routes. Reviews pending on those….but right now, DMMd is the priority, I really need to get this done!

So for my planned posts this week, I’m finally posting the Individual Reviews for StaSka… So, on Monday I will post Yoh; on Tuesday Kanata; and on Wednesday Suzuya. For Thursday, I will post my review of Hotel Dusk: Room 215; for Fangirl Friday I will post about an underrated manga series, that made me cry real adult tears; and finally on Saturday, I’ll post my review of Last Window: The Secret of Cape West.

This week’s poll is the same as last week: How do you Otome?  Tell me where do you typically play otome games? Let me know by voting! The poll will be open until Saturday at 11:59 PM EST!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your responses!

Blogger spotlight banner

So here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight five interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

Ode to an Otaku– I absolutely adore Ouran High School Host Club, it is probably one of my favorite anime. The comedy is spot on and the romance is well done, and with a cast as dynamic as the Host Club, the side characters have their work cut out for them. This blogger highlights one of those underrated characters: Renge, the host club’s resident otaku. This post is a short ode to a much deserving character that hits me right in my otaku soul.

[J-Drama Review] Flowers for Algernon- What is the barrier between a stupid, a normal, and a genius?– So, in high school I had to read the Flowers for Algernon, a tale about a mental disabled man that undergoes an experimental treatment that turns him into a genius over night. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, so imagine my surprise when I came upon this review for a J-Drama adaptation of the book… This blogger gives such a thorough review of the 10 episode drama that I found myself giving the first episode a look…it’s not bad…Definitely give this review a read!

Spring 2016 Fave and Least Fav Anime– Recently, I have not had the time to keep up with all the new anime out there, so all of these Spring Anime lists are great! This blogger offers the best and worst of the new Spring lineup. I especially love how honest and informative this post is! Definitely give this a read before starting the new line up, it’ll save you from some of the duds of the Spring season.

Game Review: Star Fox Zero– How do you ruin a classic game? Apparently by releasing a reboot…This blogger takes on the newly released Star Fox Zero, so you don’t have to. While the game boasts stunning visuals and updated levels, the overall gameplay fell flat for this blogger, and I definitely can feel her pain! I fell in love with Star Fox 64 years ago, so to read that the reboot isn’t all I’d hoped for is a bit of a shame. But, this review is well worth the read!

Enjoying Bad AnimeWatching bad anime is like watching a train wreck, it’s horrific but you just can’t look away! This post is about watching between the lines of some anime’s not so great plots and uncovering some truly enjoyable moments in the process.  This is a really fun and light read and a really interesting topic, definitely give this post a read and check out some of their other posts while you’re there…you won’t be disappointed.

*10 Tips on How to Get Regular Comments on Your Blog PostsOkay this a wild card choice and definitely worth the read for bloggers both new and old! Have you ever visited another blog where each post has at least one comment, while your own posts have none? Well this post is for you! Blogging, like all things in life, requires a little work and a healthy amount of networking! This post outlines 10 Tips for boosting the amount of comments on your blog. I highly recommend this post!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post… Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr!  As always Thank You for reading!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on finally finishing graduate school. You should be very proud of yourself. Here’s my toast for you. Cheers!

    And of course thank you very much for featuring my blogging tips post on how to get regular comments. Ahahaha. I’m delighted even if it’s a wild card. 😉
    I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch. Keep on blogging and g’luck on your journey from here on. Take care.


    • Aww thank you so much! It was a long fought battle but it’s finally over!

      As for the feature, it was a great post! I had already selected my five posts when I saw your’s and after reading it i knew it had to be shared! So I added it to the list!

      Thanks, hopefully the journey leads to a job lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Excellent job. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find work soon, so you can use what you learned after all those hard work in school.

        Ehehehe~ I’m so happy. Thanks! I just read some of the other links you included in your blogger spotlight. Thanks for sharing them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely! The Blogger Spotlight is a big part of my Last Week Today posts! I want other bloggers to discover new blogs and make new connects! So I am really glad that you checked these bloggers out, each brings something unique to the table!

        And thank you so much for reading! 😀

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  2. Congrats on being freeee (^_-)≡★
    Now you’ll have time for all the gaming and then once you start the new chapter of your life, you’ll gave all the $$ for gaming hurray 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m getting my Master’s in Global Health!

      Wow you finished up last year?! Congrats! What was your degree in? How is life on the other side?


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