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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Apr. 10th to Apr. 16th

So here we are at the end of another week! The semester is winding down and so are my assignments! Yay! I will have a bit more free time than usual, but I don’t know how long this unexpected break will last…So, I’m going to take full advantage of it and go through my backlog of games and show some of the more neglected games some love. Starting with DRAMAtical Murder.

playing video games

Graduation is literally a month away now, and I am still looking for an internship, fellowship, or job. I have yet to hear back from the first position I interviewed for, but I did get a second call back from a different position and I have a phone interview next week…So, we’ll see how that goes…fingers crossed. I am going home to my parents house for the weekend, so I’ve had to write this post in advanced!

weekly blog recap.png

  1. My Top Ten Favorite Voltage Guys This started out as a Top Five List, but I just couldn’t narrow it down to just 5 guys. So, I scrapped that idea and expanded the list to include My Top Ten Favorite Voltage Guys. These guys are my personal favorites, I like each of these guys for different reasons and it was really hard ranking them from 10 to 1, they are all just so wonderful *sigh*.
  2. Mini Review: My Wedding and the 7 RingsA little over a year ago, Voltage released the English language version of  My Wedding and the 7 Rings a spin-off of the extremely popular, My Forged Wedding (MFW). The new game takes place in the same universe as the MFW series, and even features two of the love interests from the previous game, with a slightly modified back story.
  3. The Cold IT Executive Who Stole My Heart: My Wedding and the 7 Rings-Kai FujisawaKai is the calculating aloof type, both in his personal and in his professional life. Which makes him the perfect fit as Sanno Corporation‚Äôs Special Executive of IT Solutions. He’s ruthless, not stopping at anything to get what he wants even¬†if that means marrying the MC and having a loveless marriage‚Ķ
  4. The Gentlemanly Teacher Who Stole My Heart: After School Affairs-Hidetaka Sera–¬†Hidetaka is downright princely, with a winning smile and dashing good looks. On top of that he‚Äôs a dedicated English teacher and a famous translator too, but one can‚Äôt help but wonder if there is something sinister behind that sweet smile of his‚Ķ
  5. Fangirl Moment: Flowers and Bees Flowers and Bees by Anno Moyoco is a 7 volume slice of life, comedy-romance manga and one of my favorite manga series of all time! his is a fantastic coming of age story and a must read for anyone feeling down on themselves. The series offers a funny and candid look into a young man on the cusp of finding himself and truly becoming a beautiful man.

weekly news recap

  • A game I have been following,¬†Prank Masters, just released an updated demo with one BETA version character route!
  • NaNoRenO is finally over, check HERE¬†for the completed submissions.
  • There is less than a week left in the Indiegogo campaign¬†for BL visual novel Monstrous Lovers, check that out HERE.

As always Voltage was really pumping out the stories this week:

  • First up, the Voltage Spring Revival is now underway for¬†Kiss of Revenge,¬†Her Love in the Force, and¬†My Sweet Bodyguard.
    • The first up are the¬†Season 2¬†stories for¬†Kiss of Revenge!
  • In After School Affairs, the Main Story¬†and the¬†POV¬†stories for Hidetaka Sera¬†are¬†now available for purchase.
  • In My Last First Kiss,¬†Riku Morimachi’s Season 2: Living Together¬†story¬†is now available for purchase.
  • Yu Agatsuma‚Äôs Main Story¬†and¬†POV¬†stories are¬†now available for purchase in Bad Boys Do It Better.


I¬†officially moved¬†the¬†Last Week Today¬†tab to the¬†News¬†tab. There shouldn’t be any more major changes to the blog’s menu in the foreseeable future.

I have taken to Live Blogging my playthroughs of games over on my tumblr, if you ever want to know what my next review is, tumblr is the best way to find out. My posts always give me away. Currently I am live blogging my playthrough of the DRAMAtical Murder common route under the #Now Playing DMMd, so take a look if you feel so inclined.

So without further ado, the results for the Poll, What Should I Play Next?

Poll 3 results

The winner was the write in candidate, War: Valentine Edition, with 6 votes! So I will play that game after DMMd and Starry Sky in Spring. The second place winner was Code Realize, which I will try to squeeze in sometime after that.

the week ahead

The week ahead will be BL/ Yaoi Week, so expect most if not all of the posts to have something to do with Boys Love or Yaoi…Yes, that includes the game reviews too…This is my list of PLANNED posts: My Top 5 Favorite BL/Yaoi Titles¬†on Monday,¬†Mini Review: DRAMAtical Murder¬†on Wednesday,¬†and for¬†Fangirl Friday¬†I will be posting about a yaoi manga I recently got into.

I will also be live blogging my playthrough of DMMd, on Tumblr throughout the week…It was suggested that I also live tweet my playthroughs, but it’s hard to do both at the same time. So, for the time being I will stick with Tumblr.

The new poll is already up, so be sure to vote!  This week’s poll is: What Voltage Character Should I Play Next? My Voltage backlog is ridiculous right now, so I need your help to figure out which character and game I should play next! The poll will be open until Saturday at 11:59 PM EST!  You can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE! I look forward to your decision!

Blogger spotlight banner

So here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight four interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

Voltage, I love you but we have got to talk–¬†So, if you have been on Tumblr lately than you know that a Voltage Inc employee filed several (inconsistent) DMCA claims against several bloggers. The claims attacked blogs that posted Voltage screenshots, CGs, and even fan art, which caused mass panic. This blogger sums up the situation, while adding their personal opinions on the incident.

*Voltage has since made an official announcement about the issue, HERE.

Top 6 Saddest/Darkest Moments In Anime¬†Anime has the power to move us. While watching anime, I have experienced the full gambit of emotions. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried…hell, I’ve even raged at the characters on the screen. When the characters get pumped, we get pumped. When a character dies, we cry real tears. This post sums up six devastatingly sad moments in anime.¬†¬†I especially love how animated this blogger is with their posts!

Dandelion-JisooI love reading this bloggers reviews, they are so animated! This time around, they tackled Jisoo route from the Cheritz otome game, Dandelion~Wishes Brought to You. Their reactions to the route are definitely a must read, especially if you are familiar with the game. If you’ve never played or heard about Dandelion this post sums up the game in a candid and honest way.

How Has Anime Helped You?–¬†I love reading blog posts that promote discussions! The author writes about their experiences with anime in an honest and open way. However, the post doesn’t end there, the author also¬†encourages readers to post their experiences with anime in the comments section of the post. I can personally relate to the post and many of the stories in the comment section. Definitely give this post a read and don’t forget to leave your own story!

Ghost in the Shell: Is this really a case of whitewashing?–¬†The upcoming Ghost in the Shell live action film has been getting a lot of negative buzz from the anime community. Fans of the series are outraged at the casting of Scarlet Johansson, as¬†Major Motoko Kusanagi. Fans are raging at what many view as another case of Hollywood’s erasure of people of color in film. This post offers a very objective view of the topic and is a must read for folks interested in the upcoming film and future Hollywood anime to film adaptation.

So here we are at the end of this week’s post… Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr!  As always Thank You for reading!

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