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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Mar. 26th to Apr. 2nd

Here we are at the end of another week…and I am swamped with school assignments. School work is like a hydra monster or grey hairs, when you cut off one, two more take its place!

My Big Graduation Research Project is really kicking my ass! I underestimated how much work the discussion section of this assignment was going to be and now I’m scrambling to reach my deadline. But, don’t worry too much, I’m a certified procrastinator, the closer the deadline gets the better my quality of work is. So, with one day left, I’ve finally hit my groove!

So last week I mentioned that I had a phone interview for one of the jobs I applied for, well I must have done well, because I was invited back for a second in person interview!!! So fingers crossed!

I also announced that my little brother started his own gaming website, Ice Gauntlet, he and some of his associates have banded together to bring you up to date gaming news, reviews, and features! The site is great, and you guys should definitely take a look if you have the time and let them know I sent ya. Click the blue banner below to go to the site.

Ice Gauntlet Banner

Weekly Recap: Mar. 26th – Apr. 2nd

  1. My Childhood Friend is Kind of Crazy: Amnesia: Memories- Toma Review– Toma is by far my least favorite route in the game. Sure he starts off as a sweet caring big brother type, but the longer the story draws out, the more crazy he becomes! I do not recommend this route, Toma was not to my taste, but if you like Yandere types and their cages of love, Toma is the perfect guy for you!
  2. My Lover Has Had a Hard Time: Amnesia: Memories-Ukyo Review– Ukyo was such a surprise! I absolutely adored him in his own route! But, be warned this route is not for the faint of heart, there are a total of 7 bad endings, so you really have to work for your happy ending. I highly recommend this route!
  3. Fangirl Moment: Personal Preference So this Fangirl Moment was a long time coming…This is one of my favorite Rom-Com K-drama of all time! It’s a mixed up love affair between a man pretending to be gay and an up and coming furniture designer. This drama is a hilarious rollercoaster ride of emotions, that will have you on the edge of your seat until the last episode…And did I mention it stars Lee Min-ho?


So this week a lot of stuff happened in gaming…April marks the beginning of the Jirachi Legendary Pokemon Distribution Event, so from now until April 24th, trainers with Pokemon X,Y, and ORAS can get a Jirachi of their very own through Nintendo Wifi. The event is limited to one Pokemon per game, so if you have all four games…In other Pokemon News, all trainers with the Pokemon Bank installed on their Nintendo 3DS system will be able to take part in a special Regi Pokemon Link Distribution Event. Until October 31st 2016, trainers can obtain all three Regis at lv. 50.

In otome news, Winter Wolves, the creators of Always Remember Me and Nicole, released their newest otome game, on Tuesday. C14 Dating is an English otome game that combines archaeology, friendship, and love. The game is only $19.99, and is available for purchase HERE.

Votage Inc had a few announcements this week:

  • In After School Affairs the Main Story and POV stories for Kiyonori Taishi are now available for purchase.
  • In Enchanted in the Moonlight Miyabi’s Season 2 story Seeds of Doubt in Love’s Garden is now available for purchase.
  • Teorus’s Musings of Love story is now available for purchase in Star-Crossed Myth.
  • Cyprin is now available as a selectable beau in Voltage Inc.’s AmeMix title Astoria Fate’s Kiss (fangirls rejoice)
  • In Voltage Inc’s newest AmeMix title, Gangsters in Love, both Chance and Yoshimitsu’s Main stories 1-3 are now available for purchase
  • Finally, Voltage Inc announced an upcoming app, Bad Boys Do It Better, release date has yet to be announced.


So I made some changes to the top menu (again) Visual Novel/Otome Reviews are now categorized by type (mobile, PC, Vita, etc.). Because there are so many Voltage Inc games, I gave them their own separate section within the Visual Novel/Otome tab. PokeNews and Otome News Alerts are now housed under the News tab on the top menu. Lastly, Fangirl Moments are categorized by topic (manga, anime, etc) under the Fangirl Moment tab on the top menu.  The rest is self explanatory.

Lastly, I tried my hand at Live Blogging my playthrough of the DRAMAtical Murder common route over on Tumblr…It was actually fun, and moderately successful, so I will continue doing it off and on under the #Now Playing DMMd, so take a look if you feel so inclined.

Finally…The “Free to Play vs. Pay to Play” Poll Results

Poll 2 Results.png

Thanks to everyone who voted! This was my second weekly poll, and I am happy with the turn out! In this poll there were a total of 11 votes, in the end Paid Apps took  the number one spot. with 6 votes total.

This week’s poll: What Should I Play Next, is now open, you can find it in the side bar (or if you are using a phone/tablet @ the bottom of the page). If you still can’t find it, click the link HERE!

The Week Ahead

I am still working on playing DMMd and Starry Sky so I will not be posting any main reviews this week that and I have a crap ton of school work to do.Instead this week I will be clearing out some of my back up posts for your enjoyment…On Tuesday will be releasing a review of the 2008  Nintendo DS game Time Hollow, on Wednesday a short review of Starry Sky in Spring, on Thursday I will release My Top Five Worst Mobile Otome Games list, and on Friday I will release a Fangirl Moment post on the manga that made me cry like a baby!

So here we are again at the end of another Recap Post, where I highlight four interesting posts from other bloggers that showed up on my Reader this past week…

Hustle Cat ReviewI had heard about this game when it first came out, but I never got around to actually looking into it. But, after reading this post, I will definitely be adding it to my list of games to play! The game follows Avery Grey, a newly hired employee at The Cat’s Paw, while there he discovers a magical book and gets sucked in to a world of magic and mystery. The art looks amazing and the premise is unique, I highly suggest giving this game a try if you have the chance.

{Doodle} Neko Kota This is technically not from this week, but I forgot to post it in last week’s post….sorry. This blogger has some of the cutest Voltage doodles I have ever seen, she also writes game reviews for Voltage games, but I simply love these doodles. Plus she is super nice, drop her a line on her page or on Tumblr!

Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet This blogger is not new to my Last Week Today line up, but this is probably the best April Fool’s Day post I have seen in a long time. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the critically panned anime Boku no Pico will definitely enjoy this post. If you haven’t seen Boku no Pico yet, go watch one of the reaction videos and then read this post…Boku no Pico is NSFW!

Anime I Can Watch Over and Over Everyone has a few anime that they love so much that they can watch over and over again. This blogger compiles a list of anime that they love so much they could watch them over and over again and never get tired of! Some of my favorites are on this list. Be sure to give the post a look, it is definitely worth the read!

So here we are at the end of this week’s post… Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? See something in your Reader this week that you wanna share? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr!  As always Thank You for reading!

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  1. When I click the banner, it just shows the banner and not the website!
    Nice post, and you’re really prolific, I’m pretty amazed at how much quality content you can dish out :0

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    • I tried it from my phone, tablet, and pc the banner takes you to the website. I don’t know what happened before but it should work now.

      Aww thank you so much for the sweet words!


  2. Yaaay. Congratz on your interview and good luck on the next one. XDD
    And thanks for featuring me once again. Nobody can deny that Boku no Pico is a true masterpiece.

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  3. Wahh thank you very much for mentioning me! ^^ And I’m happy that my doodles are considered as adorable haha ( o /// o ) I didn’t want to upload them all because I felt like it would be a burden to people, thank you for proving me wrong :3

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