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Last Week Today: Week End Recap- Jan. 31st to Feb. 6th 2016

So I kinda wanna make this a regular thing, I know this wasn’t in the Plans and Schemes post, but in my defense I did say I’d add things without warning, so cut me some slack…please?

Schoolwork is kind of at an all time high, so I really haven’t had the time to write any of the reviews that I have in my drafts. I’ll get to them, but my data coding project took a whole hell of a lot more time than I anticipated. I spent three hours trying to figure out how to recode an entire country’s GSHS dataset in Excel (believe me it’s harder than I’m making it sound). In the end I figured it out and recoding the other datasets were a breeze.

typing haruhi.gif

Which is why I kind of lost track of time and the reason this post is coming out on a Sunday instead of Saturday like I would have hoped… But that’s neither here nor there, I just wanna give a recap of the weeks events and posts….and some of the posts from some of the blogs I follow that I really liked.

Weekly Recap: Jan.31st-Feb. 6th

  1. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: 2016 Blog Plans and Schemes– Provides a brief overview of my plans and schemes for this blog for 2016 and beyond. I outline the types of posts already on the blog and a new stuff to come…
  2. PokeNews: Mew Distribution– For the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, Game Freak has decided to give us Americans a shot at obtaining Mew legally through a month long Legendary event giveaway!
  3. PokeNews: Happy Birthday MewTwo– February 6th is the birthday of Psychic legendary Pokemon, MewTwo. So I just wanted to wish the little guy a happy birthday!

I also bought a PS Vita on the super cheap, so I’m thinking of adding Code: Realize to the list of reviews I do this year. I know I’m late, but I like taking my time with my games, it makes the review process that much more fun and enjoyable. I say all that so that you guys don’t expect a review for the game anytime soon. On the flip side I’m currently playing Amnesia: Memories, and I absolutely love it! After a slow start, I found myself hooked in by the mystery surrounding the “accident” and the trust issues that arises as a result of the MC’s memory loss…I’m on Shin’s route right now, and I am nowhere near close to finishing. I am also hooked on this mobile game Notice Me Senpai, it is super cute and super low maintenance, which is perfect for someone with a busy schedule.

I’ve also added a new type of post called, PokeNews, these will be short posts that pertain solely to Pokemon related content. They will mostly focus on Pokemon events and news, I may expand it as the year progresses….we’ll see how I feel about that though.

So here we are at the end of the post…I spent the whole time talking about me and my blog, so now it’s time to highlight posts from other bloggers that I read this week!

Requested Review: Hana Yori Dango

K-dramas and J-dramas have been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite some time, I will admit I follow them like my Nana follows her daily Soap Operas. They just suck you in with their gorgeous actors, over the top plots, and satisfyingly sweet endings. This posts covers one of the most popular J-dramas ever, Hana Yori Dango. I will admit that I only really watched the K-drama version for Lee Min Ho, he is just too sexy, so I’m unfamiliar with the J-drama version. This post gives an excellent comparison of the two and I highly recommend giving it a look see!

5 anime guys I would never say no to. If you know what I mean

This post is awesome! I will admit that I have a few anime crushes, but I tend to keep my obsessions on a need to know basis. This blogger  is raw and to the point, and doesn’t care how you feel about her selections. These guys aren’t the types of guys who’ll bring you flowers and chocolates, these are the guys you call when you want an anime booty call! Definitely worth a look!

Backstage Pass

I have been waiting for this game to be completed since the first day they announced it! I absolutely loved Sakuvisual’s Re: Alistair++, so I was super hyped up for their next release! But as the months and years ticked by and the game still wasn’t finished, I kind of gave up on it. However, on Jan.1st Sakuvisual finally released the complete version of the game, which I immediately bought. I haven’t had the time to play the game yet, so this spoiler free post was just the thing I needed to reignite my interest in the game. This post is great, it is very detailed and includes several screenshots! What I really like about this post, is that it includes a detailed comparison between the Beta and the completed game. So you can really see how the game has evolved over the course of its development.

A Reunion with my “Sweet Prince”

This post brought back so much otoge nostalgia! In this post the author reminisces about her first otome guy and story. I can relate to this post so much, because her feelings and thoughts were, and are, my feelings and thoughts. I can still remember the first otome game I played, Voltage Inc.’s A Knights Devotion, and my first otome guy, Lute! While I have since found other games and characters that just blew me away, Lute will always be my first! Now if you ask me which otome guy blew me away from the beginning, I’d give you a completely different answer, it’s always going to be Prince Joshua Lieben! In the end, this is an awesome post!

My Top Ten Generation II Pokemon!

Pokemon has always been a bit of a soft spot for me, and always manages to send me on a nostalgia kick! As I have no doubt said before, Generation II is by far my favorite generation of Pokemon games! I love everything about Johto, and you’d have a hard time convincing me otherwise. This is definitely a great read for any Pokemon fan!

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