Mini Review: Be My Princess & Be My Princess 2

For the holidays, Voltage Inc is having a SALE on all Be My Princess (BMP) stories and they just released a new time travel sub story for Be My Princess 2 (BMP 2)!! That means that  for a limited time old Voltage fans and new Voltage fans can enjoy the splendor and perfection that is Be My Princess, for a discounted price. Many die hard Voltage fans may have already purchased all of the stories available, but for those of you who have been hesitant to play some of the older games or are new to the fandom, this is a great opportunity to give the princes of BMP and BMP 2 a try.

i regret nothing west side


The Story

                               Left (front to back): Wilfred, Edward, Keith                           Right: Joshua, Roberto, Glenn

Be My Princess

Alternate Titles: Ōji-sama no Puropōzu, The Prince’s Proposal

Release Date: 2012

Platform: IOS and Android

You (as usual, name changeable) are an exchange student, studying at a university in the Charles kingdom, when you see a strangely dressed old man on the street [Fateful Encounter 1]. The poor guy is not feeling so great, so you rub his back and the power of youth restores him to health!

rubbed the captain's back

The old man, happy that you took the time to care for him, promises to repay you for the kindness, giving you his contact info. Soon afterwards a man in a suit then comes to pick the man up and takes him home. In a daze you wander the streets of Charles, conveniently the beautiful sunny day turns into a torrent, forcing you to seek shelter under the awning of a nearby flower shop.Suddenly an elegantly dressed and handsome man approaches you [Fateful Encounter 2], but while you are chatting a passing car splashes you with water ruining your clothes….

prince ed prologue
*swoon* Oh, not at all…

The “Princely” man takes responsibility, even though the real culprit is an arrogant jerk face, who barely even get out of the car, and invites you to a party going on at Noble Michel later that night. Every girl dreams of attending a party at Noble Michel, the gathering place of royals, where dreams are made! Unknowingly, you meet several princes, and begin a royal love affair that people will be talking about for generations to come!

Wilfred Spencer– Wills, as he is affectionately known, is the 25 year old Crown Prince of the Phillip kingdom. He is the quiet and aloof type, and may come off a little cold, but really he is a big sweetie. But beware once he warms up to you he can get a bit handsy, earning him the nickname of the Beast in the fandom. He is bound by his position as crown prince, and is willing to give up his own happiness for the good of his people. His kingdom prides itself in its traditionalism and etiquette. Phillip may be based England.

Joshua Lieben– Joshua is the 24 year old Crown Prince of the Dres Van kingdom. He is naive, stubborn, and adorably awkward when it comes to socializing. He is a heavy drinker who is afraid of cats and loves riceballs. He can be a hard man to love, but once you worm your way into his heart he is both loyal and affectionate. He is all about the small gestures, like putting a blanket over you when you fall asleep doing paperwork. He goes out of his way to make life comfortable for you, getting embarrassed when the other guys point it out. Joshua has been raised to be the next king of Dres Van and as a result he knows little of the outside world; most of his knowledge comes from books. His kingdom is all about rules, breaking the rules in Dres Van is one of the highest forms of treason. Dres Van may be based on Germany.

Keith AlfordIs an ass hat. Keith is the 22 year old, Crown Prince of the Liberty Kingdom. He is an arrogant, prideful, and an all around Jerkface McGee! He is extremely patriotic, but beneath his rough exterior, I mean deeeeeeeeep down, he is a great lover and real sweetie. He’s a super tsundere, he puts other tsunderes to shame! Lucky for the MC his sister calls him on his BS, actually his sister is the only person he acts like a decent human being to. His kingdom is built on liberty and justice for all *cough* America *cough*

Roberto Button– Robbie is Crown Prince of the Altaria Kingdom, at 25 years old, he is the second oldest prince. He is energetic and fun-loving, often coming up with embarrassing nicknames for his fellow princes, much to their annoyance. He is friendly and open, he acts as a friend and confidant to the MC in all routes outside of his own.  His personality makes it difficult to determine whether he actually loves the MC or not. His kingdom is the complete opposite of Joshua’s, there are virtually no rules in Altaria. Altaria is based on a pokemon Italy.

Glenn Casiraghi– Glenn, or as Roberto calls him Glenny-Poo, is the Crown Prince of the Oriens Kingdom and the youngest prince in the group at the ripe old age of 18. Glenn is the classic tsundere, he likes to tease the MC and is hardly ever honest about his feelings. When he is, it can come of a bit harsh, but he means well. Glenn has a younger brother, Alan, who is six and absolutely adorable. As a side note, Glenn absolutely hates it when you or the other princes treat him like a kid, but to be honest he kind of is a kid when compared to the other guys. I love Glenn, but I hate the way his route plays out I won’t spoil anything…but I absolutely HATE love triangles!!! Finally, his kingdom is the smallest, but the most technologically advanced. Oriens is based on Japan.

Zain– Zain, while not a prince, is the 28 year old butler of Nobel Michel. He is gorgeous, but his route is kind of bland….

Yakov Chernekov– *So this prince was added way later than the other guys.* Yakov is the Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil. His route is a bit different from the the routes of the earlier princes. His route centers around his fight for control of Sanct Sybil. He has a strong sense of duty and is extremely protective. Sanct Sybil is a country in the midst of a succession crisis, and as a result there are a lot of political undertones to this route. Sanct Sybil is based on Russia.

            Left: Sieg, Aslan, Oliver      Right: Hayden, Kuon

Be My Princess 2

Alternate Titles: Ōji-sama no Puropōzu Season 2, The Prince’s Proposal Season 2

Release Date: 2014

Platform: IOS and Android

BMP2 is the sequel to BMP, and takes place 50 years after the events of the first game, with the grandchildren of the princes from the first game. Yeah, let that sink in…you get to date your grandchildren….

don't think feel

Instead of being a student, you are an aspiring baker who is asked to help deliver supplies for a party at Nobel Michel. Once there you catch the eye of the princes, and spend a wonderful night dancing with the prince of your choice. The next day you receive a letter from one of the princes, inviting you to take part in a marriage interview. So begins your scandalous love affair with a dashing prince!

Hayden Spencer– Hayden is the Crown Prince of Phillip, and the grandson of Wilfred. He and Wills are the cool aloof type, but he is slightly more outgoing and talkative than his grandfather.

Kuon Casiraghi– Kuon is the Crown Prince of Oriens and the grandson of Glenn. He’s had a tragic childhood, and as a result he is gloomy and a bit stubborn. I want to just give him a big hug!

Sieg Lieben– Sieg is the Crown Prince of Dres Van and the grandson of Joshua. He is Joshua turned up to 11! He is hot and cold, but really deep down he is a big sweetie just like his grandfather. However unlike his socially inept grandfather, Sieg can cook, really well (Joshua demanded that all of his grandchildren learn to cook)! Also I highly recommend reading his POV story…it is super duper sweet!

Oliver Button– Oliver is Roberto Jr., he is open and friendly, but a huge flirt. He even has his own harem! But as you play his route you learn there is more to him than meets the eye.

Ivan Chernekov– Ivan is the Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil, and the reason that his grandfather Yakov even exists. He is the youngest child of the current king, with three older sisters, who tease him to no end. He is dashing and rugged, going so  far as to fighting along side his soldiers in battle. He even has two pet wolves. I love Ivan, he’s my favorite of season 2!

Aslan Mafdir– Aslan is the youngest and newest prince of the group. Unlike the previous princes he is actually second in line for the throne. He is the most at odds with his title, feeling that his position is meaningless. His kingdom is Shaharazal, a desert country modeled after Turkey.

Kevin Alford– Kevin’s description is one big spoiler, so all I will say is that he is a mini Keith!

Maximillion Levaincois– Max is Edward’s son and like Aslan, second in line for the throne. His sister is the current Queen (leave it to Ed to have two children 😉 )…Max loves art, and is just as random and flowery as his dad. A true romantic.


So like always, I have a favorite…he is actually one of my all time favorite Voltage men (just under Takuto Hirukawa from LLFTX)…Ahem…Prince Joshua Lieben is my absolute favorite, I can play his routes over and over again and never get tired of it!

josh stats
I could never say no to those seductive bedroom eyes, fly away purple locks, and that sharp tongue… *swoon*

I love Be My Princess, what girl doesn’t dream of being a princess, I know I did…BMP is a solid game, the art is great (I really love this artist and I really wish they’d come back for more games), the characters are fun you really get sucked into their stories as you read. These princes actually do things, Ivan fights in wars, Joshua and Will take care of paperwork and diplomatic meetings, being a prince is more than just a title, it’s a full time job. Most of the guys are princes first and are willing to give up on happiness for the good of their people and kingdom. But you can’t forget that they are men, and when they do fall in love they do their best to balance their responsibilities as royalty and their duty to their hearts.

The princes in Be My Princess 2 have a lot more drama than the princes from Be My Princess, which is both a good thing and a not so great thing. Voltage could have done a lot more with the second season, like actually continue the story from the first game, but they didn’t. As a result the some of the princes seem like copies of their grandfathers (father, in the case of Max). I also didn’t like that  commoners and royals marrying was a big deal again…I mean come on did you guys forget that the former Queen was a commoner?!

The MC on the other hand is the typical Voltage MC, she just kind of gets swept up in the events of the story. Sure she can be spunky, but for the most part she’s pretty meh. I really like her in Joshua’s and Keith’s routes, she really lays into them (believe me, Keith deserves it and more). In Be My Princess 2 she’s a bit more spunky, she is fiercely independent and especially hates it when one of the princes tries to use his influence to get her jobs or prestige in her field, which I really respect.

The music is different, from any other game I have played and I like it….It’s kind of like playing a drama! But, what makes BMP unique, is that it has three endings: Happy, Good, and Normal. The Happy End comes with a cute epilogue, the Happy Ending usually has you and your prince separated for a bit, and the Normal Ending usually has you and your prince break up. This is one of the few Voltage Inc games that actually has a bad ending, which adds a little more weight to your choices.

Overall I definitely recommend Be My Princess, I cannot say how much I love this game! As for Be My Princess 2, eh, I only really recommend Ivan or Aslan…the other guys are good, they’re just too similar to their grandparents/parents…Now if you are curious about the fate of your prince from BMP, some actually show up, while others have long since passed away…It’s actually really sad….The only consolation is that no one knows what happened to Joshua…so in my head he and the MC from the first game are living it up in Hawaii or something…

Happy Playing!

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  1. When I heard there was a sale I bought Keith’s story. I’d assumed I’d enjoy it since TSUNDERE lol but omg what a buttface he is! I finally got him to open up but I have to agree with you on the whole AMERICA things. At least he’s no longer a butt.

    Joshua looks like my second route. Thanks so much for all the care put into this post. Really hyped me up for the Princes;)

    1. I had been warned about Keith….thank God! He is such jerk the party version makes him 10 times worst…Joshua is my absolute favorite, I love how he changes between stories! I was actually surprised that I liked Edward his route was so sweet. He is definitely a fairytale prince!
      Thank you for reading! BMP is one of my favorite games, so there is a lot of love there. I had a lot of fun writing it!

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